Suggestions for beating 4*Gamora/Grocket/Medusa



  • HobieCat76
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    So, since I originally posted this, I've champed my R&G and Gamora and, now, I finally understand why everyone keeps using them.  LOL!  And, BTW, it really feels like everyone - in my most recent run to 2000, all I saw were G/G/M combos no matter how many times I spent ISO to get a new match.

    That said, I've decided that I'm not going to use this combo for SHIELD Sim going forward, especially after starting this thread!  And besides, I find that combo to be much more useful in quickly clearing out the easy nodes in PVE.  Almost as fast as using Thanos and without the need for health packs.

    In my most recent SHIELD Sim run, I decided to give XFDeadpool/4*Carol/R&G a spin and that was a LOT of fun and fairly fast.  I'm burning at least one health pack after each match, but watching those countdowns going off is pretty satisfying.  The other team I've been using has been Thing/Medusa/Iceman.  For this one, I've combined aa25's suggestion to use the Thing with Alx85's suggestion for using Medusa as a battery for Iceman.  This has also been quite effective, but definitely slower than the Deadpool team. However, if I'm lucky, I don't always have to burn any health packs after each match. Whereas with the Deadpool team, I'm definitely burning one, if not two health packs. 

    Either way, since neither my XFDeadpool nor Thing are champed, I know I'm an easy retaliation target.  I've been very tactical about my rushes to 2000 and have been successful so far (before being quickly beaten down after I claim my 4* cover).  So would anyone know whether champing either make me less of a retal target?  Or, it really doesn't matter?  Thanks!
  • cooperbigdaddy
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    Depending on numbers, Kraven might help. :)
  • 0_efx_0
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    Kraven the Hunter will help resolve Grockets starting strike tiles.
  • Dormammu
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    I've tried a few methods against Gamora/Grocket/Medusa, some of them suggested in this thread, and the 'Rhulk-bomb' remains the strategy I have the most luck/fun with.
  • DieMyDarling
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    I play Gamora/Coulson/Captain Marvel. Get 6 blue ap, win. Unfortunately I still take some start of match damage because of Grocket's placed strike tiles, which is a drain on health packs. Very annoying team.
  • Raud
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    The best are Medusa/Gamora/R&G  :)
    Defeat Medusa first, stun the rest, convert swords and make few moves to win  :)
  • JackTenrec
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    I've been successful with Gamora/Medusa/Thing.  Make sure your first match goes to either Gamora or Medusa to get protect tiles on the board.  Go for blue early to stun Medusa (fairly easy with a little luck once you can start matching Grocket strikes with impunity).  Once Medusa is down, the rest of the match is pretty simple.
  • winter37
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    My most reliable team for this configuration, though it's often not fast, is Thing at 3/5/5, Mr. F at 5/5/3, and XFDP at 3/5/5. The thing that usually defines success is Reed making the first move, which reliably triggers Rock Solid and  X-Enforcer. Kill order is Medusa, Gamora, and Grocket. I will also second MrF/Medusa/Carnage for this. After having run them for the first time in a while, I'll concede they're arguably the fastest and most effective team for this purpose, particularly with Carnage's black turned all the way up. 
  • Dormammu
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    winter37 said:
    I will also second MrF/Medusa/Carnage for this. 
    This team works against anyone. It is one of the nastiest, most annoying, unbelievably effective 4-star teams ever conceived by man. It's not fast but you will outlast whatever you're fighting. Once you have Reed's fortified defense tiles out it's laughable how ineffective opponents are. One big plus to running this group in SHIELD sim is how good on defense it is - both in scaring players into skips as well as garnering defensive wins.
  • modok47
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    Thing , Cloak and Dagger and Vulture works for me  , but it uses a lot of health packs. or Fight fire with fire with the same team. 

  • HobieCat76
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    Dormammu said:

    Rhulk (any configuration)
    Carol (passive at 5)
    Grocket (passive at 5)

    1. Start the match
    2. Rhulk tanks all 3 of his colors. Only make matches with him.
    3. Your opponent damages Rhulk, creating a 1 turn countdown for each separate instance of damage (cascades generate multiple countdowns).
    4. Rhulk's countdown(s) expire, destroying tiles and doing damage.
    5. Carol uses the countdown(s) to buff Grocket's strike tiles.
    6. You make a match, doing thousands of damage.
    7. Your opponent damages Rhulk, creating a 1 turn countdown for each separate instance of damage.
    8. Rhulk's countdown(s) expire, destroying tiles and doing damage - now amplified by Grocket's buffed strikes. If even a minor cascade triggers, this often ends the fight.
    9. If the fight continues, Carol uses the countdown(s) to further buff Grocket's strike tiles.
    10. You make a match, doing even more damage...

    If anyone can come up with a more efficient way to beat Grocket/Gamora/Medusa (2-4 turns) I'd love to hear about it.
    Winner winner chicken dinner.  Just tried it with my Level 250 3-4-5 Rhulk and champed Carol and Grocket and, yup, works exactly like Dormammu promised.
  • ChuckThorson
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    I use 4 * star lord ,xfdp and thing and have a so far 100% success rate. The key is to have star lord make the first match and it' all x enforcer and rock solid from there, with slight of hand to get rid of pesky tiles without triggering medusa. 

  • sambrookjm
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    I just climbed about 400 points in the Simulator, vs all Medusa/Grocket teams, using the aforementioned C4rol/RHulk/Rocket team.  RHulk ate a health pack after every match, but man did they go quickly.  The longest one was when it took three turns to get RHulk out in front, as it was a very C4rol friendly board.  It got me to 2000 pts, and got my America Chavez to 1/1/4.
  • hunky_funky
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    I know, that community doesn't like Venom (Brock), but I read post about using him and Gamora/Medusa. Tried in Simulator. Surprisingly, worked for me. Not without health packs (obviously), but 10 matches out of 10 beats Gramodusa team. Start matching strikes and blue, stun Medusa to prevent healing and her attack cd tile. Venom green for shuffle and destroying strikes. His passive enemy protect tiles creation helps generates ap and you can steel them by Medusa. When opposite Medusa is gone, you will have full board and special tile control and beating rest is not that problematic. Well, at least I have this experience.