Suggestions for beating 4*Gamora/Grocket/Medusa

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I know that people complain that they see 4*Carol or 5* Gambit everywhere in the SHIELD Simulator (and that is true about Carol, but I'm fortunately too low level to see any Gambit teams), but I've noticed recently that the team that I see most often in the SHIELD Simulator is 4*Gamora/4*Grocket/Medusa.  It feels that every other team that I come across is that combo and I find them tiresome to fight against.

Now that only wins really matter, I try to throw different teams at the G/G/M teamup to see how they do with various results.  The one that I seem to like the best is 4*Fist/4*Carol/Medusa (see, I'm not immune to using Carol), but I'm curious about others.  As such, I wanted to reach out to the community to see if others have better combos to fight against G/G/M?

Here's my roster so you know what I'm working with:

Any and all suggestions are welcome!


  • Dormammu
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    Carnage, Medusa, Mr. F

    Your Medusa will get you tons of AP from matching enemy tiles (thanks Grocket!). Stun the enemy Medusa with Mr. F's blue and take her out first. After that the enemy will be pretty punchless and easy to manage. You'll survive Grocket's strikes because both Mr. F and Medusa will constantly be healing you. Once Mr. F's black Imaginaut is out you'll be doing 3-4k damage per round off that and attack tiles; match red and green and let Carnage finish things up.
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    Have you tried Thing ? Your Thing has 5 in yellow, that should reduce a big chunk of damage, if not all, when it proc. Then pick any 2-man team of your choice to deal with Gamora. Medusa and RnG should be more or less harmless once you have Thing's protect tiles out.

    Edit: Another option is Carol+RnG+4Pool, both your RnG and 4Pool are not fully covered, they will be a juicy target for many other. But it should deal with G/G/M trivially. You may need some health pack each fight though.

  • Punter1
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    Loving finding the Gamora/Grocket/Medusa teams, my new team beats them in 3 turns usually, though does require 1 health pack per fight.  Good in SIM though as you can do a couple of fights every now and then.

    Team is Carol (553), Grocket and XFDP (553) - make a match with either Grocket or Carol.  Then the AI attack will net at least 2 of XFDP 1 turn countdowns, if you're lucky 3 or 4.  Carol starts buffing tiles right away and it's quickly game over.  (noticed aa25 also suggested this)

    Unfortunately you're missing Grocket and XFDP champed.  
  • ammenell
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    I mirror the team. kill medusa first, stun the other two with gamora blue. 
  • HobieCat76
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    Thanks for all of the suggestions everybody! They're really appreciated!

    @aa25 - Suggesting the Thing was a revelation!  I tend to completely overlook any of the FF, unless they're boosted, so I never thought to take advantage of my Thing's 5 Yellow.  Tried it out and it was a lot of fun.  Started the Thing in the back and he drops those protects right after the computer's first move.  Then the rest just plays itself out.

    @Dormammu - Likewise, thanks for the suggestion on using Mr. F!  Alas, RNG has been unkind to my Mr. F. (plus, I don't particularly focus on getting his covers) and so he still sits with 0 Blue.  Regardless, it's good to know how I can use him in SHIELD Sim when I finally build him up as I generally haven't given him that much consideration.
  • Alx85
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    The team I use is medusa iceman and carnage (though your carnage is a little low maybe, another decent tile producer could replace). Medusa generates blue green and purple ap - all of Iceman’s powers. Get 6 blue and stun enemy medusa as early as possible. If you get enough purple early on then hair meddle to take the enemy attacks that carnage puts out and hoover up some of the remaining rng strikes. Match normally over very quickly after that! You’ll get frequent medusa heals and ap generation and just smash away with punch a snowman and whiteout whilst the attack tiles chip away chunks every turn. I think I lost once when the ai got an early cascade and took out my medusa in less than 3 turns. 
  • DyingLegend
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    My go to team is Vulture /mockingbird / thing (3/5/5).

    Match black asap, get vulture in the air, thing will make a bunch of protect tiles right off the bat.

    Mockingbird will punish 4 matches. 

    Use vulture and thing to clear the board of any tiles with vultures blue and things green respectively. 

    Easy wins baby
  • HobieCat76
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    @Alx85 - I love your suggestion of using Medusa as a battery for Iceman.  That is definitely a combo that I definitely need to keep in mind for future reference.

    @DyingLegend - My Mockingbird is one of my least covered 4*s so that combo is going to stay on the back burner for me for a while, but I like the concept.  Vulture is my current favorited 4*, so hopefully I'll build him up quick when I next use my CP stash.

    Thanks again everyone for your suggestions (and keep more coming if you have them)!  I've collected my Rogue cover and am done with the Sim for this season.  Thanks to @aa25's suggestion for using the Thing, I turned the annoyance of being constantly flooded with G/G/M combs into something positive.  I used Thing/Medusa and then either 4*Carol or 4*Fist and just went to town on all of those G/G/M teams.  Hit 74 wins pretty quickly this weekend and now I'm done. :smiley:  Looking forward to next season to do it all over again,
  • Daredevil217
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    What about X-23 / Gambit.  X-23 has one of the best true heals in the game and can likely absorb some strike damage while tanking red/Purple.  Gambits Purple is amazing for cleaning up those hard to reach strikes. You can play around with who you want as a third for that team.  Gambit helps X-23 get the 9 Red AP requirement for her green really easy.  Maybe vulture as a third to fuel green (plus his blue can also remove strikes).  Vulture and 3bit are squishy so I’d expect retals, but if you only care about wins it could be good. 
  • Bobby_Lishez
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    The team I use is Rulk/Xpool/Drax. Keep Rulk in front to tank the hits and between him and deadpool they stick out 4-6 countowns each turn. Drax's bonus damage for the cd's basically adds up to an additional x-enforcer tile as well. I generally focus Gamora first, then medusa, then Grocket. I don't take Medusa out first because i want her cd to proc x-enforcer but I don't want to save her til last either because if I do she drops Rulk and starts hitting the others.
  • Jaedenkaal
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    Yeah, that works, but it's still really healthpack heavy.
  • sambrookjm
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    Yeah, that works, but it's still really healthpack heavy.
    If you find me a team that isn't health pack heavy when fighting this team, please let me know! :)

    I tried the Thing/Vulture/Mockingbird worked, but each of them was down to less than 3K health by the time the match ended.  Mockingbird I had at 4/5/4 for maximum Opportunity, and I did manage to get a free Thing Red out of the deal.

    I also tried the Rulk/Xpool (3/5/5) /Drax (5/5/3) for maximum countdown damage.  Two Enforder countdown tiles took Medusa's health down by about 50% the first turn, but she kept healing.  She went down, and I got 18 green to do a lot of damage to everyone else.  These guys weren't nearly as damaged as Thing's team above, but they were still a hurting unit.
  • aa25
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    How about Thing + {some_fast_nuke} + {some_battery} ?

    The thing about running Thing is you've already effectively nullified all the RnG strike tiles AND Medusa's passive.

    With Thing around, the opponents have only three things left to do. 1) Gamora's stun and 2) Medusa's tile stealing. 3) RnG's green. The rests are not gonna pass through your massive protect tiles.

    Down Gamora fast, then Medusa, then that poor RnG.

    Thing/Vulture/MBird(4/5/4) is very support-heavy team. You don't need that, it's overkilled. Go for more offense team. Deny blue, purple, and, if have time, green.

    Hint: You will want to deny blue, so running someone like Riri, Iceman, Peggy, Yondu (if he is small enough to hide behind others), etc. is a big plus.

    If you want to run Rulk or Xpool, you already say you will take the damage. Again, don't overkill the team with both Rulk and Xpool. They serve the same purpose. Replace one of them with your RnG. That will destroy the opponents faster and more efficient. Math: For each time the opponent dip their strike tiles, you will double-dip your tiles. (The damage from the cd itself, and Drax's passive. And potential cascade for ap+more dips!)

    Hope this helps.
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    3 words - Black Suit Spidey
  • BigOldBob
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    Another fast combination to beat them is Carol+3*hulk+r4g/daken.

    Bring hulk in front and watch them dying.

    Cds, strikes, aoe, get everything you need. 
  • zaku
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    Tried hulk, he actually dies too fast. And the anger greens end up matching tiles and giving the other team tons of ap
  • sambrookjm
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    Just tried a cheesy team of Thing (5/5/3), Teen Jean (5/3/5) and my 3-star Gambattery (0/0/5)  Worked like a charm.  Thing got his protect tiles off on the first turn to protect Jean, which stopped a lot of the damage.  A couple turns later, Medusa got stunned with Thing's Red and Jean took off a bunch of the special tiles.  After that, it was a walk in the park.

    Edit - Next match, I forgot to switch out to my 0/0/5 Gambit, and the game "helpfully" loaded up my champed 3-star Gambit instead.  I quit instantly when I found that out.  I know the game does this, as I had to click about 10 times during the last event to have my Gambattery to power up the champed Jean and champed Peggy...just a brain fart on my part.
  • Warbringa
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    You really should be able to beat them with Medusa, Star Lord, Grocket.  It isn't quite as good as Gamora, but the key is Medusa.  Her healing should be able to allow you minimize damage early and give you time to match away opponent tiles.  

    Even better, you should build a 0/0/5 Gambit paired with a 5 purple Medusa and simply steal and improve most of the AI tiles away from them. Include Thing to help shield damage and use Gambit's red AP.  
  • JSP869
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    Carol (3/5/5), Red Hulk (5/3/5), and R&G (x/5/x). Red Hulk tanks so he can Get Angry and spawn counters for Carol to boost R&G's strike tiles. Red Hulk's Get Angry counters don't generate AP but they do deal damage, which is boosted by R&G's strike tiles, so when they go off Medusa, Gamora,and R&G just die. Typically by the third turn, but I have won matches on my second turn, as well. You will be using a Health Pack for Red Hulk after almost every match, but one health pack is better than three :smiley:
  • ammenell
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    and it's ridiculously fast.
    when I don't need them, I play that team in simulator and bully every gamora/medusa/grocket team i can find until I run out of health packs. 
    in the last week of the season the 2k reward is no problem, you just never run out of high level teams to... rulk bomb?