Something needs to be done with preconstructed decks.

TheDragonHermitTheDragonHermit Posts: 457 Mover and Shaker
At first I thought they were amusing, then I started completing them. At first I found the rune reward a nice unexpected bonus, but the I accidentally clicked on one for a node and struggled to win. Then I forgot I put it in and lost. A loss is fine with me, I am nowhere near the point where I can expect perfection, but a loss because I click on a deck I had no input in making left a bad taste in my mouth. Could there be a toggle in the settings to only show custom and event decks for events or otherwise give us something to do with these decks that are just cluttering our deck selection screen?


  • TheDragonHermitTheDragonHermit Posts: 457 Mover and Shaker
    That would be nice, and could act as a vital currency sink for booster crafting, give players a target to craft while not spending on other perhaps more flexible cards. Could balance out those who are hoarding dupes by giving them an overall minor convenience to target rather than an OP card. Wouldn't even effect the playing of the game too much. What do you think Oktagon, @Brigby ?
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    Yeah, it'd be great if we could "earn" the deck slots by completing them, or pay to unlock the cards from them we're missing.

    Remember when they asked us all to make those decks, and said they'd credit the designers at some point? 
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  • TheDragonHermitTheDragonHermit Posts: 457 Mover and Shaker
    Oh by the way, I am one of those guys who are sitting on a nice pile of dupes, and I would totally sink resources into decks if it would get me earned slots.
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    @madwren I sure as hell do... One of the many promises broken by Hibernum... 
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    Lol. I dont think i will ever get the 1 uncommon card that keeps me from 1 of those decks. Maddening as the mouth of madness.
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