We will make some room for new friends!



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    Brigby said:
    brigby @bken1234

    Since we restructured a lot recently, and this thread is a bit.. Confusing, and it holds several outdated informations etc I'd like to start a new, up to date recruitment thread!

    Multiple threads with the same topic might be against the forum rules? If this one was closed out should be okay to do so?

    Maybe you'll need the okay from @sarahschmara as op as well?
    If OP is fine with that, then I see no problem with closing this one, so a new up-to-date thread can be started for your Coalition.
    Our “little group” has evolved quite a bit over the years(!) and I’m absolutely OK with closing this thread and starting fresh! 
    Looks like we have everything needed, I'll open the fresh one once I finished writing!
    Ok. But I want to proofread it! You’re still getting prize/price mixed up  ;)
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    Closing this thread, as the new thread for FTA has been created. You can locate that thread HERE
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