Alternatives to MTGPQ?

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Since FB knows I play a lot of MTGPQ I've been getting a suggestion to play Legendary: Heroes of Magic another card game & gem drop game. I gave it a try yesterday and found it's actually quite good. It's more of a quest game vs a pvp game. I still intend on playing MTGPQ for awhile, but with the delay in  booster crafting and the questionable future of the game itself I want alternatives...  Any other suggestions???


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    If you're looking for something with gameplay similar to MTGPQ, I'm afraid you won't be finding it.
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    I actually spent the weekend trying different games, and wound up back at Legendary. The game play is pretty interesting. Quests/crafting and guild play. Guild play is pretty cool where you get to use a guild mates card in your deck. You can use a super powered card (only once in 24 hours) to  win some tough challenges. There is a lot about it I'm not familiar with  yet, but I'm finding a good alternative to MTGPQ
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