Anyone have any luck with nefarious tokens?



  • brisashi
    brisashi Posts: 418 Mover and Shaker
    I can eat crow when I deserve it, just snagged a red ragnarok cover with a token.
  • Just pulled a yellow Hood cover from these
  • Dayv
    Dayv Posts: 4,449 Chairperson of the Boards
    About 10 pulls, nothing useful. Iron Man 35, Storm Modern, and Juggernaut across the board.
  • I'll probably only get a couple more of these so I feel fairly confident in saying these are the worst tokens ever. Outside of a venom pull I've only gotten chapter 1 hero covers. I'd at least gave felt better if I'd gotten a bunch of **** villains. I just feel like these were named wrong.
  • the best i've pulled was a hood blue, all 1 stars and 2 stars, buti guess pulling a 3 star out of the 30-40 i've used, is pretty much good.
  • I pulled 25 in the past 5 days and the best I got was 2 Dakan's (sold them) and 1 Magneto Now.

    The 2 heroics I earned were both Bagman. lol
  • azmadu
    azmadu Posts: 63 Match Maker
    I don't know about you guys but I didn't even get a character that is in the nefarious like all of you are saying, I got good old Hawkeye (classic) again!

    How is it possible for that to happen when he's not even in the list????

    I sent a bug report but haven't heard anything from them as yet. Has this happened to anyone else?