Anyone have any luck with nefarious tokens?

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Do these have terrible percentages or am I just unlucky tonight?

Gone through 10, nine were 1* characters I have maxed, and the last was c. Storm, who I also have maxed.


  • 1st draw CL Magneto
  • **** 1 STAR X5, c storm [sell],wolv yellow x1 [sell], ragnarok green
  • Got one black Daken I was missing, rest was a bunch of m.storms. Seems to me like it's the 500 ISO package with an additional <1% chance of *** Villans that aren't normally in the pack.
  • I only had 5 but they all pulled 1 or 2 star characters that I had no use for. So they were 100% worthless for me.
  • Around 10 pulls and no 3* villains
  • Lots of modern storms and one yellow Wolverine (Astonishing)
  • Kiamodo
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    Lots and lots of Iron man! Did get a Dark Avenger Black widow though!
  • Mostly 1 * characters, but I did pull a Magneto and Loki from them.
  • 7 * covers. 1 ** ( wolverine). Waste of iso. I should only use tokens. Its easier to win a tourney than to draw something good lol.
  • 1 Rag, 2 c.Storms, 1 Wolvie, rest are 1-star. I actually need modern Storms but the game won't give me any.
  • Finally got yellow storm c. (After getting screwed by R41 reward change) and red Rag to complete my 2 green Rag so I'm happy. Plus a 2* wolverine and throwaway 1*s.
  • I got a classic Magneto cover yesterday, and a green Wolverine I didn't need, the rest were mostly Hawkeye
  • I've been all * storm and iron man with 1 venom thrown in. **** are through percentages on these? I get better from standard tokens.
  • I got one (1) Dark Widow.

    And about 97 Storms and 1-star Iron Mans I didn't need.
  • Came here to vent my frustrations.

    I managed to pull one **Wolverine card from nefarious token (red, blegh >.<) and then all one star cards.
    Tried to earn some better cards and placed in the top 50 of the next two rounds, earning two diabolical tokens and I got............ 2 Loki covers..... both black.....
  • After about 15 pulls finally got a 3star magneto.
  • Is there a pattern regarding extra chance for pulling the cover from the current round? Perhaps I just got lucky but I pulled Magneto during the Magneto round and Rag during his round. Lots of junk too of course but really happy to have Magneto's blue skill for fighting countdown tiles.
  • Just now got Green Ragnarok, which is my first cover of him icon_mrgreen.gif (and in other topic I said I don't have him just couple minutes ago icon_eek.gif )
  • out of all the tokens, i pulled a black hood, that's about it. rest is a who's who of 1 stars
  • Shuino
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    I have spent maybe 30 or 40 of those tokens and have gotten all 1 Star Covers with Iron Man being about 40% of all of them. I have given up spending Iso or HP on Covers the % to get anything is a joke. I find the game much more enjoyable now not worrying about buying Covers and I just expect 100 Iso every time I get a token.