Recruit tokens



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    Platty616 said:
    Dayv said:
    Chances of opening 51 standard token and getting no 3*: about 30%

    Chances of opening 40 elite end getting no 3*: about 1 in 100,000.  Unlikely but entirely possible.

    Chances of opening 40 elite and getting only one 3*?  I think I need someone who's actually taken a course in probability to work that one out.  About 1 in 25,000?
    So basically I'm just THE unluckiest player in this game?
    Nah.  Well, maybe.  Someone's got to be.  But there's definitely weirder streaks.  About 10% of my 4* pulls since they stopped vaulting have been Eddie Brock green - one of only 7 covers in the 4* tier I can't use.
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