Marvel Insider Promotion - Sworded Affairs (5/25/17)

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Hi Everyone - 

As we shared earlier this month HERE, our friends at Marvel Insider are doing a couple of promotions. With the start of Sworded Affairs in Marvel Puzzle Quest, Marvel Insider is offering all players 10,000 Insider Points when they compete in the Sworded Affairs Tournament this weekend and finish the event with 300+ in-game points.  

You can find the promotion HERE at Marvel Insider (it will be in the Guardians of the Galaxy 2 section). This offer is for a limited time and is sponsored by Marvel Insider.  Please note the timeline on when rewards will be provided and if there are any issues with redemption, please reach out to Marvel Support at [email protected].  

Please remember to provide Marvel Insider with your in-game player name (not Player ID).

Good luck and have a nice weekend!


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    mexus said:
    "All players" or "All US players"?
    Nice question!!!

    Why are US players favoured????
  • revskip
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    Bonny2712 said:
    mexus said:
    "All players" or "All US players"?
    Nice question!!!

    Why are US players favoured????
    Because that is where the Demiurge (Cambridge, Mass) and D3 Go (California, although to be fair they are a subsidiary of a Japanese company) are based?  Also where Marvel is based.  I would assume some of it is because of liability and differences in the legalities involved in different countries as well.  

    Sucks but thems the breaks.  Plenty of things we can't do in the States that are perfectly legal and/or viable elsewhere.  My Canadian, Aussie and British friends can easily play poker online for instance.  
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    I'd trade the ability to play online poker for some Marvel nerd credits ¬¬
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    To be fair, it is actually Marvel Insider that is restricted to US residents, not just this specific reward for Insider.
  • xdogg
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    I really appreciate these opportunities to gain Marvel Insider points and hope you continue this, I just wish you had better rewards for MPQ at Marvel Insider because I'll probably spend my earned points on something else
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    The MPQ related rewards are not spectacular.  For 125k points you can get a 3* Rocket & Groot cover, and for 300k you can get 50k ISO. 
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    Thanks for actually having the promo end after the event, this time. Unlike last time, where the window to actually apply for it was over before s4 was done.