Command points / save or use?

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Im currently in the 3* - 4* stage. Got about 30 champed 3* and about 30-35 4* characters with variaty of 1 to 10 covers each. I have set my bonus heroes to the characters with the highest amount of covers that aint got 5 in any colour. I play pve to get enough points to get the 4* reward and i currently use my command points on legendary tokens as fast as i get 20.

So my question to you pros are: Should i continue this spending of command points or should i save them to build up a solid stash and spend them all at once to get as many of the newest characters as possible before they put in newer characters? Or maybe save them to be able to buy the last cover needed to champ a 4*?


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    From where you are, and from what I read on the forums, there are 2 answers to this question:
    1. Do what you're doing. You can think about spending the 120CP to get the 13th cover if it's life altering like Carol, but otherwise, enough of them will come. Otherwise, just spend the 20CP, get the covers, and build the roster.
    2. Hoard everything until you reach a point where all 3 5* in the latest legends are strong and you can pull 350 or so of them. That will get you close enough to 3 5* champs and you can skip the 4* level almost entirely.

    I'm strongly in the first camp; I like the variety of the 4* level and see no compelling reason to fight at the 5* level,but your mileage may vary. Note that if we're ever at a point where the devs release a number of dud 4* in a row, then hoarding until there's a better group of 12 is fine, but at the moment even the worst of the current 12 (Mordo and Agent Venom in my view; others have other views) aren't horrible enough to put the breaks on.

    Your progression will accelerate if you play a bit more PVE to get the 15CP, and enough PVP to get to 575 and the 10CP there. That said, if you're happy with your progression, that's fine; it's not a race.

    Good luck.
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    @talleman - from your description I'm in the exact same situation as you & I just open tokens once I get to 20CP. I may not finish with completely covered characters before they exit the pool, but they are extremely usable, and I could not have said the same about my 4* characters prior to vaulting.

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    I'm pretty much in the same boat, too.  I used to just open a token as soon as I got 20cp, but with all the mediocre characters, I'm not sure it's worth it.  They way they are cycling them, I'll get them all mid-way covered, but nobody champed, and then they'll get rid of them and bring in the new guys.

    I think I might start buying covers at 120cp to get 3 top tier 4*s champed.  Atleast then I'll have 3 really good players and I can spend the 20cp on new LT.

    I like the idea of jumping straight to 5* land, but dude, 350 LT pulls!  That's ...25cp..times...350 covers...<brain sizzle>, that is a lot of cp to hoard.  Even if I managed to collect 50cp per week, that's 175 weeks...3 years of my life, and by then they'll have 8* characters, and my 5* champs would be worthless...

    I really don't see how a free* player like myself can get ahead here....
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    Don't start hoarding now.  People talk about jumping straight into 5* territory, but if you do that you're going to have a rough time.  All I ever hear from them is that their climbs are nothing but other champ 5* teams.  They don't get to see easier opponents until they've nearly hit the final progression reward.  If you pick up 3 champs that will be your only team, and you're stuck with it.

    The time to start considering a move like that is when you're comfortably in 4* territory, I'd say with at least a dozen champs.  You can use whatever 5*s you accumulate, but keep them around the same level as your 4*.  The system will still match you against mostly 4* teams and keep your PvE scaling reasonable.  You'll have the benefit of being able to take advantage of boosts as well as extend playtime because you'll have several viable teams you can cycle through.

    If you don't care about PvP and just do PvE and the daily, it might make sense to do this if they implement the SCL test and eliminate roster-based scaling.  5* champs will romp through SCL8 in less than 30 min if it's similar to the test.

    I only recommend spending on a skill if you're in a 5/5/2 situation for a character you like and intend to use frequently, and even then I'd only do it if I had covers on hand that would otherwise go to waste.  6 random latest covers will be a lot better for your roster overall than filling out that one unicorn.
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    I am in a similar situation but I do have a few older 4* already champed.  Last season I decided to save CP and legendary tokens.  I made full progression on all PvE and received CP from a few other sources (VIP, champ rewards and DDQ mainly).  I ended the season with 480 CP and 5 or 6 legendary tokens (still hit or miss on crash of titans which is an issue for me).  I opened the about 30 legendary tokens and while it helped, I didn't get one single 4* max covered (Gwenpool is getting close now).  I decided to hoard because I didn't want any Cage 4* or Spiderwoman covers and I knew they were rotating out and I wanted more chances at the new Groot and Gamora covers.  I will probably do that going forward based on who is rotating out.  If I like the characters rotating out, I will not hoard.  If I don't like or am really lacking in covers for the 4* moving out, I will probably just hoard for the season. I don't think it will make a big difference either way for you.  If you do choose to do the hoarding for 5*, it is a big risk.  It might work out and be great but then again it might not due to RNG and then you will probably be unhappy.  This game is grindy enough that not getting periodic progress is a game breaker imo.
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    FYI, I posted a similar thread here, that received some good advice, if that helps.
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    I post in my old thread instead of creating a new one.

    My roster is expanding and my 3-4* transition going slow but steady. Now i got 6 champed 4*s and a few 12 covered. 2 of them are Bl4de and Xforce Wolvie. I have saved 120 CP to buy me the last Bl4de cover but now when Both he and Wolvie are X3 in the Fan Favorites packs i considering to spend the CP on the packs instead. Whats your thoughts about that?
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    If you don't have any covers for them on the vine about to expire, there is no need to spend the 120cp for the 13th cover.  Just let that come organically if possible.  If you get a cover for one of them you can't use, then save 120 CP and wait until the cover is just about to expire before spending it, just in case you do pull a cover for them you can use.
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    I try to keep 120 CP on hand, just in case I do get into a situation where I need to buy a cover, but other than that, yeah, I just buy tokens as I get 20 spare CP, and work with what I get.

    Also keep in mind the possibilities of using your 3* Bonus Heroes to push for more covers there if one of them that feeds a cover you need is close to that point.
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    You should save CPs and Latest Legend tokens for building 4*s as well as good 5*s.  Gambit is pretty solid.  Plus the game is starting to require 5*s for placement rewards.  Even if you're not playing at SCL9, you should be able to do SCL7 or 8 at a good clip.
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    byc said:
    You should save CPs and Latest Legend tokens for building 4*s as well as good 5*s.  Gambit is pretty solid.  Plus the game is starting to require 5*s for placement rewards.  Even if you're not playing at SCL9, you should be able to do SCL7 or 8 at a good clip.
    Yeah im considering to set my bonus heroes to the 4 and 5 stars that i don't have yet to be able to play all essentials since i have 5000-6000 hp to use for roster spots.