Best Node Clearing Teams - opinions out there?



  • Skidoo
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    If a node has 2-3 goons, I always use my "Sucker Punch" team.

    4* Star Lord
    3* IM40
    3* Doctor Strange

    - Strange passive yellow counter-punches for free damage every time the enemy uses a power, which goons do frequently. 
    - SL's red costs only 6 and easily hits for 4-5000+ if used properly. 
    - IM40 recharges SL's red power punch and blue for Strange to stun & boost SLs red. And he tanks red.
    - Red Yellow Blue Purple
  • CT1888
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    edited July 2017
    One of my old favourites is Teen Jean/SWitch /IM40. SWitch is feeding Jean purple, IM40's yellow is feeding her green, then if there is anyone left standing he can mop up with red/blue. I'd use this even when Jean wasn't boosted on goon nodes to be able to keep on top of count downs. With both accelerating her, it can be fairly rapid.
  • TPF Alexis
    TPF Alexis Posts: 3,826 Chairperson of the Boards
    For the Wave Nodes in EotS, I've been mostly using Blad3, C4rol, Strange. It pretty quickly ramps up to the point where the hardest part is finding moves that don't take out any of your own Special Tiles.
  • talleman
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    For the Wave Nodes in EotS, I've been mostly using Blad3, C4rol, Strange. It pretty quickly ramps up to the point where the hardest part is finding moves that don't take out any of your own Special Tiles.
    I use this team aswell. Fun and effective aslong as there are enough reds at the bord.

    For variation i also use: IM40 - Bl4de - Strange

    Just let Bl4de make some strike tiles then use IM40s yellow to get Bl4des bloodlust going and youll make quick work of both non-tile movers and tile movers.
  • Roland113
    Roland113 Posts: 298 Mover and Shaker

    Been experimenting with Carol lately, and I am liking what I'm seeing...

    Carol and 3*Blade IMO are a match made in Heaven, I let blade create strike tiles naturally with his passive, and if there are none then I use his purple to create attack tiles and I power his black instead of Carol's for infinite 1 CD tile, so every turn that it's on the board it two tiles get boosted, by 364 in my case.  And then I can always use Carol's yellow for an extra boost, and spawn another of Blade's black tiles as well. 

    The 3rd character tends to vary however.  I started off with 3Fist using his purple to make more black, 7k extra damage has been made with this combo so far.  Lately, however,  I've been using SW.  I use Carol's yellow to spawn purple tiles from SW's passive which allows for more of Blade's attack tiles, as well as boosting them.  With this I've seen 10k extra generated which is stellar!

    But when I'm in the mood for a fast clear, 3Strange and 3Thanos plus anyone else is sufficient.

    I've been pairing Carol and 3Blade with 3Torch for a second avenue of getting a repeating countdown tile.  Most of the time I have at least one countdown tile from each of the three star characters.  I ended up having enough power to my strike tiles at the end of the Sinister Six rounds that I was able to two shot Sandman, one shot when I got even the smallest of cascades.
  • Andy_t88
    Andy_t88 Posts: 9 Just Dropped In
    I use thanos with a 5* or two for the first two nodes though I've started adding medusa in there now.
    After that I switch to  3*falcon and strange for any nodes that have at least 2 npc.  You can team just about anybody with those two and knock people down quick.  Rag works good to make sure you get your blues but I'll use Carol, medusa or im40 for extra damage.
    If there's only one or less npc then I go with Carol, medusa and daredevil usually, though blade and torch work just as well
  • byc
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    5* Thanos and any 2 others.  I often use my weak 5* so I don't have to click to the end of my roster and grab level 70 4* characters (I don't level my characters until they get 13 covers generally).
  • Stick
    Stick Posts: 146 Tile Toppler
    When Carnage was boosted, I was using Carnage C4rol and Medusa, although the animations tend to make the matches go longer than intended. Recently I've been using Thanos, Dr.Strange (both the 3* versions, since I don't have the 5* ones with the appropriate powers) and then whoever has the highest match damage available to me. So right now, it's usually either Riri or Elektra.

    A lot of matches in the early nodes end on the 2nd or 3rd turn or first goon activation, whichever happens first.
  • SpringSoldier
    SpringSoldier Posts: 265 Mover and Shaker
    Easy nodes: Dr. Strange 3*, Iron Fist 3*, any 5* (especially one strong on blue to protect Dr. Strange)
    Medium nodes (some goons): Dr. Strange, Agent Venom (for the black), either Iron Fist 3 or a 5* or Medusa if I'm up against a tile creator (Bullseye, Daken)
    Difficult nodes: whoever is booster, Iron Man 3*, Blade 4*, Carol 4*, Medusa.
    Wave nodes: Dr. Strange, Iron Fist 3*, Black Panther, Blade 4*, Deadpool, Scarlet Witch, Thor- anyone who deals damage to the whole team. Definitely not Agent Venom, since I can't hoard AP and Carol 4* only takes out one enemy at the time.

    I'm not a great fan of Thanos, since he does too much damage to his own team. I can usually get through the first nodes without hurting my characters at all and I'd like to keep it that way. Speed is great, but not if you run out of health packs.
  • Stick
    Stick Posts: 146 Tile Toppler
    I do like C4rol + Medusa + Tile creator on wave nodes. C4rol might only be able to take down one enemy at a time, but if you get a few strike tiles boosted, it doesn't take long for every match to become lethal. I think it was EotS where I was doing like 13k+ damage per match by the time I'd hit the final wave on a node.
  • alaeth
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    Easy nodes: Thanos and 2 throw-aways from the bottom of my roster.

    Hard Nodes: boosted 4s, or if that's a struggle, Thanos, BP5, C&D