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    shteev said:
    Houdin said:
    Gee imagine that. Two more ballista as my reward for nodes personal and team. Wow good thing I'm the only statistical anomaly, I might really start thinking we are getting ripped off if this was happening to anyone else
    Now this is important: If we're going to do science here, you have to design your experiment and state your predictions in advance. By all means, do some experiments here in the future.

    Your two Ballistas, declared after the fact, are too easy to write off as Confirmation Bias.
    I think that the running hypothesis is that there may be a bias for dupes, so there's that. What is lacking is the number crunching to confirm the conclusion. There was some decent crunching in another thread, but the experiment would need to be repeated by several people to see if the result is consistent or an outlier.
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