2 star to 3 star Hawkeye

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So, when is 2 :star: Hawkeye going to give out 3 :star: Hawkeye covers instead of Iron Man covers? I was really hoping it would have happened with this last update. The next data push should update to that model, right? Please do it soon as all I seem to get from tokens are 2 :star: characters anyway.


  • Ezrius
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    From this thread, on April 7:

    Brigby said:
    To my knowledge, the development team had someone start evaluating the 3/4-Star reward pairing at the beginning of the off-season. 
    As of right now, I don't know if / when there will be changes, but I will do my best to make sure any changes are communicated ahead of time.

    Edit:  I would assume 2*s would be looked at as well, but perhaps not.  I think 2* Hawkeye feeding IM40 is probably better for newer players anyway, since IM40 is pretty essential.
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    There was an official announcement last time they decided they were updating Champ Rewards, so I wouldn't hold my breath for now. It's been kind of a long time. 
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    They've said they're looking at it (as conveniently linked above), but personally, I don't see a reason it needs to change. There's nothing wrong with characters not lining up in a straight line. It's nice if you like Hawkeye for one version to feed into another, but since the game encourages roster diversity, it would be more MECHANICALLY interesting if characters fed into someone that didn't play the same (like 2* Hawkeye into 3* Iron Fist into 4* Thor, or something). Might could tweak it for characters that work well together (Grey Suit Black Widow giving Professor X covers for Charlie's Angels?) or something. If it's not tied to the characters themselves (Hawkeye Modern -> Hawkguy -> Kate), it doesn't have to be redone when new characters are added in the future.
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    I expect a change like this to happen in the off-season. So early May maybe?
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    Hey look it's this thread...yet again. 

    But for fun, it would be awesome if they buffed 1 star Iron Man into 2 star Iron man and gave him IM40 rewards.
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    yeah my bad. I hadn't scrolled through all the posts in the new forum, so I didn't realize this has been discussed so often. But just think @smkspy, you've just opened up the door for an all new 2 star Iron Man!!! He'll be amazing! Hahahaha