Casual Cats Alliance is recruiting

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Hello everyone. We are a group of daily players looking for more members. We only have a handful of rules which are there only to maximize everyone's fun and the overall experience:

1) You must play every day. If you will be away from the game, e.g. for a vacation, notify us in the chat window. Anyone gone for 5 days straight without such notice will be kicked.

2) We don't have any point minimums, PvP, or PvE requirements. However, we do ask that everyone participate in boss fights, such as Ultron and Galactus, to the best of their ability.

3) Please check the chat section often and respond to requests for heroes.

These rules have intentionally been kept minimal and simple. The point is to increase everyone's enjoyment by maximizing group returns, without requiring that anyone be married to the game.

There is also a Facebook group available if you would like to share and receive ISO and covers via your Facebook linked account.

If you're interested, please hook up with us...if you know what I mean (I mean join the group).

For a little about myself, I have been playing for a few years now with a roster of 98 characters, including four 4 star champions and all but a handful of 3 star champions. I enjoy MPQ and would really like to help the alliance with more players who are into MPQ. Again, we don't need people who finish top ten in every PVP event, just people who like to play and play regularly.


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    I sent an application. I usually get top 50 in PVE and don't do PVP very much but I get top 50/100 when I do. Would love to join active players. Thanks in advance.
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    Hello everyone, we have a few openings again. The full details are in the original post, but the tl;dr version is that we want members who play regularly (as close to daily as possible), but we don't expect you to be an elite juggernaut who maxes out 5 star characters three days after the first cover drops. 
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    I would be interested in joining your alliance. 

    I have been playing for 3 years, transitioning to 4 star roster (5 4-stars champed). I consider myself casual, but i do play everyday.

    PVE, almost always get max progression reward.
    PVP, not been an emphasis, but have been doing at least to 300pts recently.

    If you want someone that will battle and help the alliance daily, I am you man. Let me know.


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    @Bigdaddy37 , my apologies, I did not see your post. For Bigdaddy and everyone else, you do not  need permission to join. Just search alliances for "Casual Cats" and you will be approved! It's so easy, everyone should do it (or at least to get us back up to 20). 

    We currently have 5 (!) openings so we would love to have some fresh blood. For anyone who loves to play, even if you only play on the toilet, please join us!
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    @ChrisV82 I joined Casual Cats but haven't been approved yet.
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    @ChrisV82 I joined Casual Cats but haven't been approved yet. :smile:
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    Hey everyone, Casual Cats alliance has places available again. See Chris’ original post for the full details. Broadly we are a friendly bunch of casual players who don’t have any requirements beyond daily play, and to participate during alliance events as best you can.

    We welcome any level of player and have a variety of different roster strengths in the alliance who are always willing to offer advice.

    No need to message on the forum, simply search for us and apply in game. 
    Hope to see you in game soon.
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    Casual Cats has been my home for a while now, and we have immediate (10 - 12) openings. Several of us are VIP and buy, so monthly CP is there. 
    The rules haven't changed, only the players. I'd love to see us all prosper, so come join us and we'll do our best to help you. 
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    Join request sent.  Thanks!
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    Request sent 
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    Thanks to the new members who have joined and become a great part of our little group. We still have some openings if people want to join in. Get some Galactus rewards! 
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    Request sent
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    Request sent :Antaris3
  • Poodlec
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    Willing to give it a try, request sent. IGN: Poodlec
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    Im looking for an alliance for the boss event. In game name: thedonce
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    Hey looking for an active alliance. I’m a daily player looking for a home. Sent a request to join if you have room.
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    We have an opening for our alliance again. We're pretty philosophical, so this will be first come, first join. Kidding, but we do have one roster slot open. Your level doesn't matter, nor does your game type preference. Just play at least once a day. 
    I know we all look forward to seeing you soon. 
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    Filled. That was fast.
  • Jaymz976
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    Casual Cats has 2 roster openings. We're just daily players who enjoy the game and some banter. Come join us!