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    For me I think the best build is 5/4/4. Blue is one of the most powerfull abilities in all the game, but I am 100% sure it is going to be nerfed. And this one is going to be nerfed for good. I doubt developers wanted this ability to be used this way. I think they just wanted people to use this skill as a shield ability and as a method to destroy two tiles that you didnt want in the field, not for the cascade/spam use (the one everybody uses this ability for).

    For now I have gone 4/5/4 because I had the red cover and not the blue one, but when respec comes in R48 I will change the build to 5/4/4 as soon as I get the blue cover (now I can concentrate in leveling up and hope for a not devastating nerf).

    PD: Red will probably be changed too, but I think the only ability that needs nerfing is blue. (Pink is in line with other abilities like Patch's red, I don't think this ability is unbalanced, maybe they will rise a little bit the cost.)

    My guess for the nerf:

    Blue: 5AP. You can put two shield tiles. The color of the shield's tile will be the same of the tile under it (or blue if it is a special tile). -> Intened use, no more cascade/spam
    Red: 4AP. 260 damage, destroys 8 tiles
    Pink: 12 AP. Same as now
  • Thank you all for the replies! I went ahead and pulled the trigger on the 5th blue. I'm glad I did -- It is completely sick!

    I also agree that is the going to get completely nerfed, but I'm going to live it up while I can. If the respec comes up before the nerf, I might actually take my red cover and go 4/4/5 -- I can definitely see the gain to be had there!

    The build actually works quite well with spidey. I like the purple synergy and more often than not, the blue build more blue, which is good for stuns once matches run up or your are ready for the killing blow. Only problem is that I usually can't get my heal off because there are so many crit tiles on the board icon_e_wink.gif I'll have to work on my timing there. Not a bad problem to have though icon_lol.gif
  • Just got to 5 blue yesterday and have to agree with everyone else, huge difference going to 5 blue.

    I have zero doubt right now that 5 blue is essential
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    Now for the most important things...

    I always laugh at his cover art in the PVP opponent team selection screen. With his health bar covering part of his chest, I always think he looks like he has a huge pot belly sticking out underneath.

    That is all.
  • Have any of the Devs dropped any hints on when the Mag funbalance is going to occur?

    I have a 5/3/5 with 2 red covers in my cache and hoping its soon.
  • Pulled a red cover in a standard pull and got too excited by it and accidentally applied it without thinking so he's now at 4 in red. Hopefully it wasn't too awful a choice.
  • Pulled a red cover in a standard pull and got too excited by it and accidentally applied it without thinking so he's now at 4 in red. Hopefully it wasn't too awful a choice.
    With respec around now, if something better comes along you shouldn't be in too much trouble.
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    Just picked up some covers in the Fresh Cut tourney so he is now 4/2/5 but only at lvl 33. I have enough iso ive been hording to push him just over 100. Should I do it? If so, what will the buff in PVE be in comparison to what he is now (math appreciated)? Thanks!
  • My lvl 92 2/3/5 mags does 454 per swap. No one has any idea how he will changed but he's a 3* so he's prolly gonna be fine. He's a really cool cover. If say go for it.
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    Even at level 56 - 1/1/4 I've had good luck with my Magneto; that purple is a monster. If he's buffed - somebody is hitting the canvas. Now that I lucked out and won two more covers for him he's 2/2/4, and I'll be eager to see what he can do at level 77 once I get enough ISO to make that a reality. I just don't seem them Ragladying him, as he's such a staple of the comics. I'd say he's a pretty safe bet for a usable, interesting character.
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    I would definitely recommend leveling him to 100. The nerfbat isn't coming for a couple of weeks, and you should experience the glory that is pre-nerf Mags. 4 blue is enough for you to see how absurd the ability is, and I guarantee you that he will be on every offensive team you have from now on for those two weeks. I'm assuming that post-nerf, his purple should still do decent damage since that was it's intended function, but his blue will definitely suffer as it was meant to be used defensively.
  • mischiefmaker
    Since OP asked for buffed stats, here's what a L90 Magneto looks like for the tourney:

    5532 health
    50/57//64/10/10/11 tile damage
    57 protect tiles (L5)
    128 red damage (L4)
    523 damage/swap purple damage (L4)

    What everyone else says is true. Magneto is a monster, easily one of the best three characters in the game (I rate him #1, but I could see arguments for Patch or Spidey). I don't know when the nerf is coming, but I'd recommend squeezing as much out of him between now and then as you can. He's a ton of fun to play and fits well on just about any team.
  • I personally wont level him that much yet as I'd rather put the ISO into the lvl128 Patch or lvl128 Hulk instead, My Mags is at 42 and he's staying there until the patch, I'm not that much of a fan of magneto, just using him cause of how broken he is but if you are then of course go all out on him.
  • If you're not concerned about defense, you don't really need to level up Magneto much once you have 5 blue. The AP generation occurs whether you're level 15 or 141, and unless you're fighting Punisher it's not like a lack of HP is an issue at offense as long as you're not matching anything. Obviously, having a low level Magneto makes you a more attractive target.
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    Thanks for the responses, particularly to mischiefmaker for the buffed stats for current PVE.

    Now for the follow up who, of the following roster, would be the best pair to team with him:

    IM40: 5/4/3 @ lvl 100
    OBW: 3/5/5 @ lvl 85 (can respec)
    Thor: 5/5/3 @ lvl 84
    Ares: 4/4/5 @ lvl 70
    Wolv: 5/5/3 @ lvl 70
    BWGS: 5/3/5 @ lvl 66
    C.Strm: 5/5/3 @ lvl 55
    DD: 3/3/3 @ lvl 40
    Frank: 3/5/5 @ lvl 30
    Hulk: 5/3/3 @ lvl 15

    (I now have 85k iso so I can split to level some of those guys as well and still get CMag to 100)

    Who in the long run (pre-nerf) are best paired with him?

  • Magneto at level 100 is pretty much his own team so he goes well with anyone. The only concern for partnership would be either guys who can keep him alive longer, or guys who benefit greatly from his abilities (which would be Patch). I don't see Spiderman or Patch in that list, so anyone you're comfortable with is fine. OBW is actually pretty conflicting with Magneto's powers, though she'll still match purple since purple isn't Magneto's strong color, and that can be useful in powering up an early MT.
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    Phantron wrote:
    I don't see Spiderman or Patch in that list.

    Ive had HORRIBLE luck on getting PATCH/Psy covers as I wasnt able to consistently play those PVEs. Hoping that with my new CMag I can get Psy from the current PVP, but not sure where Ill pull PATCH from.
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    Patch + Magneto is pretty much a no brainer since Magneto has some ultra cheap spammable abilities to go with Patch's strike tiles. Beyond that, he's still good with anyone else, but Patch is far above all others in terms of combo ability with Magneto.
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    Phantron wrote:
    OBW is actually pretty conflicting with Magneto's powers, though she'll still match purple since purple isn't Magneto's strong color, and that can be useful in powering up an early MT.

    Yeah i still team them up because I need the heal every now and then and I simply don't have anyone else with a strong purple match. Keep in mind CMag needs purple AP, but he actually has yellow as strong match color instead.

    I just brought CMag and Punisher to 100. I could push CMag all the way to 141, but I want to level my Patch to 100 next first so I have 3 chars with 100. What do people think, should I rather finish out Cmag first?

    Current roster:
    Cmag: 100/141
    Punisher 100/102
    OBW 85
    Wolvie** 85
    Ares 69/85
    Patch 30/128

    There are also a bunch of 2* I have full covers for that are in the Lv20 range, but I consider them a waste of ISO after this point.
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    @MarvelMAn - Punisher would probably be a good place to drop some ISO once your C.Mags is where you want him. He brings a strong black and green into the mix, his strike tiles will add damage to C.Mags' red attacks, and he's a good all-around 3*. Not to mention you have him fully covered, so you can push him up as high as you want.