Saheeli Rai: Official Thread



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    My Deck:

    Decimator of the Provinces
    Pia Nalaar
    Padeem, Consul of Innovation
    Bomat Bazaar Barge
    Electrostatic Pummeler

    Unlicensed Destruction

    Drownyard Temple
    Molten Nursery
    Thopter Spy Network
    Prism Array

    Its pretty much built around the Thopter Network & Pia Nalaar combo which means 6 Thopters a turn. If I have molten nursery out as well then that's 12 damage a turn on top.
  • arNero
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    With Deploy rotating out of standard, now I'm kinda worried every single Saheeli deck out there will pilot a Skysovereign all the time :blush:
  • HomeRn
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    With the looming changes of "standard" coming soon, I took upon myself to try and come up with some "standard legal" decks for my PWs... and I came up with a monster of a deck for Rai!

    What happens when you overload the board with both fabricated supports and energized gems?  Other than the really laggy games, you get a deck that can literally win games with "The Big Turn!"

    Creatures (3):
    Heart of Kiran
    Padeem, Consul of Innovation
    Wind-Kin Raiders

    Spells (3):
    Demolish (Origins)
    Unlicensed Disintegration
    Confiscation Coup

    Supports (4):
    Era of Innovation
    Deadlock Trap
    Aether Hub
    Gonti's Aether Heart

    Who says you have to run Dynavolt Tower in energy heavy decks?  The cards in the deck have a great deal of synergy between them beyond the energy part - some even more so than others!  Each of the supports have energize, which will come in handy for the fact that you'll be prioritizing them for certain situations.  Aether Hub is quietly one of the biggest cards in the deck... sure Sahelli has amazing mana gains already, but the little extra ramp can go a long way!  Era of Innovation is the biggest of the 4 supports - even more so than Gonti's Aether Heart - because of how much value this deck will get out of it!!

    The creatures are almost obligatory for the deck.  Heart of Kiran is nearly godlike for "The Big Turn;" even bigger than the Sovreign, vigilance, AND using Rai's third ability gives any copies in your hand already 16 mana for even bigger turns!  Not to mention it combos with Era of Innovation; the board will be overloaded with both fabricate supports and energy!!  Padeem has so much synergy with this deck he's practically at home.  Pandeem plus Era of Innovation equals double card draw, extra supports on the board (both as a buffer against removal and making the Kiran humongous), and free energy.  Not to mention he makes the Heart of Kiran hex-proof... game over much?  The third creature slot is actually open to variations; use whatever creature you want here - however you want to have an "artificer" ideally for the synergy with Era of Innovation!

    Spells are generally reserved for countermeasures.  Demolish, while it is from the Origins block, doesn't mean it doesn't age well.  Really cheap support removal than can sometimes remove more than 1 support!  Unlicensed Disintegration is stupidly useful - since when can red get it's hands on hard removal instead of just burn?!  Confiscation Coup will soon be one of the only ways to "steal" your opponent's creatures... and this deck has more than enough energy to power it.  However, you can also substitute another spell for Coup if you want - try Sahelli's Artistry if you want to make your creatures massive from all that energy instead!
  • Buizel
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    I'm new. Will she rotate into the store eventually :(?
  • Gilesclone
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    Yes.  I don't know when, but all the planeswalkers rotate. 
  • Buizel
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    My question was more of has Saheeli ever been in the store? Or just as a reward. I'm fully aware of the planeswalker rotations.
  • hawkyh1
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    Buizel said:

    My question was more of has Saheeli ever been in the store? Or just as a reward. I'm fully aware of the planeswalker rotations.

    yes, she has been available for crystals before.

  • Buizel
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  • BUgsySA
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    @Buizel She will be available when the vault rotates next.
  • BlessedOne
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    Saheeli is available in the vault this week.
    I am having a hard time deciding if I should buy her.
    I am a fan of Blue/Red combo in the tabletop card game.
    Seems to me that Saheeli's Planewalker abilities are not really up to what red/blue would normally do.
    For example, one of her abilities taken straight from the actual card ( should be "Draw a card and deal 1 damage."
    This effect is common for many blue/red cards and would be generically useful.
    I am not sure why her first ability is to summon a thopter. 

    Furthermore, I have a terrible selection of vehicles and constructs.

    I need some convincing...

  • hawkyh1
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    I vote buy, she is great for event nodes with awkward

  • rafalele
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    Good mana gain, and with a good vehicle, last ability could win a battle (skysovereign)
  • BlessedOne
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    I dropped the Mana Crystals for Saheeli.
    She is a good PW to run blue draw spells and red burn spells in the same deck.
    The only disappointment is that her base ability is to summon a Thopter or four.
    I understand the usefulness of Compete; however, I would rather her have a standard blue/red type of effect.
    • Draw a card/Deal damage
    • Disable a card(tap)/deal damage
    • Give something flying/draw a card
    • Pull a spell from your library
    • Give spells in your hand some mana
    All common blue/red stuff.
    Just my 2 cents.

  • greenmeanie
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    Standard Deck

    Storm Wizard

    Naru Meha Master Wizard
    Adeliz, the Cinder Wind
    League Guildmage

    Talent of the Telepath
    Justice Strike
    Depths of Desire

    Storm the Vault
    Thousand-Year Storm
  • Laeuftbeidir
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    I use her in legacy only. In standard, Ral and Brokhan surpass her for me
  • greenmeanie
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    I use her in legacy only. In standard, Ral and Brokhan surpass her for me
    I don't own Brokhan and I have yet to lvl up Ral.  Shaleeli is one of my go tos  in any event.  Even if  i can't use her 3Rd ability in standard her first 2 are adequate enough though. Plus there are no draw backs to her mana bonus while the other 2 do.