Total beginner here, where can I get started?

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Hi folks! Just found these boards and I just want to say that I've been enjoying Marvel Puzzle Quest so far!
Is there a basic FAQ or something for beginners?

The game I was playing for a month or two seems to have been abandoned or something, and I may not be going back.


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    The FAQ Project has some valuable information in it, although I'm not sure if any of it is out dated with recent changes in PvP, Clearance Levels and the like. There is an abundance of guides in the MPQ Tips and Guides subforum that I would recommend perusing to get an idea of where you are and what you need to do!
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    This might not help but only open 1 or 2 super packs.
    Beyond that I would save them up.
    I would work on 2 stars at first choose three of your favorite (bullseye, cap, and wolverine)
    Then work on your 3 stars if you want to spend cps upgrade the 3 stars you get that is how I championed 2 of mine so far.
    Hope it helps.
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    Advice from me, play prologue till it's emptied, plenty of good stuff in there. Start on story events, and play lightning rounds if you get the easy teams at the start. You will build ISO and land 2* covers. If you want to play the game at all properly, invest HP only in roster slots. Never buy health packs, just be patient.

    Once you have 1*s sorted, choose some 2* that you like that you get covers for. I would strongly recommend Storm, Ares, Thor, Daken. Others might say different though.

    Get to a point where you can clear the 1*/2* parts of Deadpool's daily, then start thinking about 3*s.

    That will take you a while, but when you have built a strong 2* team, you can start thinking abt 3*s and PvP-land...
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    My newbie advice is this.

    Don't let Juggernaut's self harm scare you away from him. He really is the best one star character for damage. I always sold him off because I didn't want to deal with the health loss, but a year later, he is my go to, one star character.

    Widow is a good one star character as well, her stun can win a game for you.

    Also, like someone said above me, get into the Deadpool's Daily Quest as soon as you can. For some reason I felt weird about doing the Story mode quests and shied away from the DDQ far longer than I should have.
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    Oh, and don't open any legendary tokens or use any CP until way later, maybe once you have champed some 3* characters. It will just mess up the difficulty you face, especially if you get a 5*. They're best opened in batches, anyways.
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    I am totally new here as well. I don't seem to understand anything... What are superpacks? What is championing? What is Deadpool daily quest? What are legendary tokens? 

    I started 3 days ago. I play the training ground and tried some events, but yikes, it's hard. 
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    Forget the above, I was in the wrong forum. I thought I was in magic puzzle quest...