Ob Nixilis, Reignited: Official Thread



  • SeditiousCanary
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    Nephandi wrote:
    Behold the Beyond(discard entire hand draw 6 cards)

    Lost Legacy seems good here too at 12 mana, but you don't get the 6 mana for each card you draw, and is clearly more discard control/oriented.
  • wereotter
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    Nephandi wrote:
    Behold the Beyond(discard entire hand draw 6 cards)

    Lost Legacy seems good here too at 12 mana, but you don't get the 6 mana for each card you draw, and is clearly more discard control/oriented.

    Lost Legacy does it to your opponent, not to you, so you don't want to have it give the 6 mana. I've had a lot of fun so far with it in Ob Nixilis. The AI often puts the highest costed card in slot 1 so you tend to have time to chain this spell if you've got more than one, which is pretty much game over.

    Just picked up Ob Nixilis today so experience is limited, but both that and Bombat Courrier have been really powerful cards once you get his final ability support.
  • Grenade110
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    My Ob Nixilis deck is based on ramping into his third ability but it goes an unconventional route being built around Kothophed. I currently am lacking a card or two that I know will improve it.

    Creatures: (3)
    Kothophed, Soul Hoarder
    Yaheeni, Undying Partisan*
    Gnarlroot Trapper

    Spells: (4)
    Altar's Reap
    Bone Splinters
    Grip of Desolation
    Rush of Vitality

    Supports: (3)
    Oath of Liliana*
    Graf Harvest
    Brawler's Plate

    *Currently not owned.

    In Yaheeni's place I have Malakir Cullblade and in Oath's place I have Call the Bloodline for until I get them.

    I may end up replacing Brawler's Plate once I have both cards if I also get another way to sacrifice a creature to trigger Yaheeni. I do have Fleshbag and may run him.
  • Foznertep
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    My newest edition of the critterless I-can-win deck:

    Aetherflux Reservoir
    Brain in a Jar
    Tamiyo's Journal

    Alchemist's Vial
    Aligned Hedon Network
    Grip of Desolation
    Tidy Conclusion
    Transgress the Mind
    Unholy Hunger
    Whispers of Emrakul

    This works most of the time unless you get really unlucky or run into a ridiculously OP deck, but I am only in Gold Tier with Black.
    AR, UH and TC turn this into a viable life gain deck as well.
  • Tilwin90
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    Finally got Ob Nixilis, so I decided to give a creatureless control deck a try. This is what I ended up with.

    Spells (4)
    Infinite Obliteration
    Ruinous Path
    To the Slaughter
    Lost Legacy

    Supports (6)
    Deadlock Trap
    Dynavolt Tower
    Underhanded Designs
    Midnight Oil
    Tamiyo's Journal
    Shrine of the Forsaken Gods

    Any suggestions or recommendations are more than welcome.

    Plans to extend:
    - Replace Midnight Oil with Behold the Beyond

    Note: I tried Anguished Unmaking in place of Underhanded Designs. It was terrible (way too expensive and the lifeloss hurts a lot).
  • Doomstat
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    Accidentally bought Ob yesterday thanks to my cat stepping on my phone. So I maxed him out and built him for standard.

    Supports: 2
    Alhammarret's Archive (mythic)
    Sunset Pyramid (uncommon)

    Spells: 8
    Lost Legacy (rare)
    Unholy Hunger (rare)
    Liliana's Defeat (uncommon)
    Razaketh's Rite (uncommon)
    Unlicensed Disintegration (uncommon)
    Desert of the Glorified (common)
    Final Reward (common)
    Live Fast (common)

    Works well without Alhammarret's Archive and Lost Legacy, but these two cards end matches the turn I use his ultimate. I now understand how busted he can be when used properly, and can't wait to try him in legacy. 

    While I have considered playing Midnight oil, I think it may hurt more than help should I not go off before it discards my hand. I know I can fill it up with my abilities/draw cards, but it seems like a wasted card in this deck. 
  • Foznertep
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    Recently, I enjoyed using Faith of the Devoted and some cycling. With his Ult on the board, each cycled card deals 13 damage and heals 5. Add a Lost Legacy or two and any opponent is more or less done for. 
  • BigSwifty
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    Very cool walker and it's nice to see something other than zombies in mono black, but dag-gum those are some poor mana bonuses for a non intro walker. Would it really have killed things to make the black +4, or increase either blue or black to +2? I mean, come on.....
  • Gargoyle
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    Seems like a build-around. The first and second abilities could be used for a control build I guess but where's the fun in that?

    There are a few high end options to make his third ability deadly but I think if you're on a budget and don't have a huge collection then Darkblade Agent is worth a look; there are a couple Surveil draw spells which then repeat draw with Agent. 

    Also has the dubious honour of being the only place for Howling Golem. "Bet you thought I was being equitable by letting you draw... Guess again!"

    Important to remember that it's every *whenever* a player draws, as opposed to burning per card drawn.