Koth of the Hammer: Official Thread



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    What do you have?

    You can also get help in #deckbuilding on Slack channel
  • Thoughts on my build?

    Emrakul, the promised end
    Olivia, mobilized for war
    Pia and Kiran nalaar
    Abbott of keral keep
    Jori en, ruin diver
    Scab-clan berserker

    Seprentine spike
    Scour from existence
    Uncaged fury

    Simple concept. Get Olivia/emrakul out and beat face. Pia and Kiran is to go wide faster plus the thopter gets huge from Olivia. Serpentine spike over other removal because I like the possible sweep effect. Plus can also kill opposition olivias.
  • n2trains
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    I am level 35 Koth, I have multiple 60 Planeswalkers, but here's my list that has about a 95-98 win percentage!

    If somebody can let me know how to link to the cards, please let me know. I went 77-0 2 days ago.

    Ghirapur Aether Grid
    Fiery Impulse
    Inner Struggle (on the bubble to replace)
    Abbot of Keral Keep
    Mina and Denn, Wildborn
    Scab-Clan Berserker
    Turn Against
    Volcanic Rambler
    Reckless Bushwhacker
    Lightning Axe

    I usually win within 2 min, or lose after 4 min. But, that losing is VERY rare, and mostly due to energize/servos.
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    this is probably one of the best deck you can build https://mtgpq.info/deck/detail/boU
  • Arsinik
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    Just a heads-up... I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who plays Koth this way, I've just been calling it Heal-Burn, the goal is a Standard PvP and Event usable Koth deck:

    Pyromancer's Goggles
    Primal Amulet
    Lightning Javelin
    Fiery Intervention
    Chandra's Fury
    Firecannon Blast
    Garna, the Bloodflame
    Iroa's Champion
    Firesong and Sunspeaker

    I use the burn spells to kill creatures and with Firesong and Sunspeaker gain health, often keeping me at 100% HP, then Garna and Iroa to get hasted damage, with Fiery Intervention for support destruction, the two supports should be self explanatory... I often defeat Nicol Bolas in PvP and have been doing great in most PvE events as well, and it's easy to maneuver around for getting the crystals in Story mode too, BTW my Koth is level 60.
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    2/3 koth decks I currently face are dragon decks.. Mine as well.
  • Arsinik
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    I currently don't have enough Dragons to pull that off... But using burn spells for creature destruction plus Firesong and Sunspeaker I tend to finish most matches, PvE or PvP with 90% - 100% HP. Oh and, I can usually do random deck changes to get most of the gold objectives in Story.
  • MicStarling
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    I am currently running a Dino-Berserker version in Standard:

    Gishath, Sun’s Avatar (IXN - M)
    Zacama, Primal Calamity (RIX - M)
    Forerunner of the Empire (RIX - U)
    Scab-Clan Berserker (ORI - R)

    Path Of Mettle // Metzali, Tower of Triumph (RIX - R)
    Alpine Moon (M19 - R)
    Jayemdae Tome (ORI - U)

    Banefire (M19 - M)
    Exquisite Firecraft (ORI - R)
    Fiery Intervention (DOM - U) 

    Try to get out Gishath asap to Give Zacama full Mana with his/her ability - Forerunner helps to tutor for the missing piece, Jayemdae Tome (that gets triggered quite regularly) for extra card draw.
    Support Destruction through Zacama, Intervention and Alpine Moon.
    Give the Berserkers First strike with Path and pick off flyers etc with the 2 damage spells and/or direct damage from Zacama’s triggered ability/Path/Intervention.

    Would love to add Etali But still missing that card...
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    Just put this deck together today: Dragon Koth

    Avaricious Dragon
    Demanding Dragon
    Akoum Hellkite

    Hazoret's Undying Fury
    Chandra's Ignition
    Hour of Devastation
    Inferno Jet

    Molten Vortex
    Dragon's Hoard

    Gave it a test run in training grounds went a perfect 4 for 4.  3 of the 4 had 100+ life.  I'm sure there are some better dragon's that makes sense but I ran with what I had.  If you have any suggestions I would be interested to know them.
  • NinjaE
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    Hour of devastation is some good.

  • greenmeanie
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    Yes it would be if I had it