Rank score reset to 3

I played several matches after the new event just started. Then I switched devices, played a couple of games and realized my score is only 3 now, when it should be at least 20+.


  • I didn't even change devices. It reset me right after a win as it reloaded the ladder rank screen. I was in 3rd place with 36 points. Reset me to the bottom with 3 points.

    Not sure I even want to put the effort in as I got rank 1 on my ladder last time. I'll be hella pissed off if I get to 300 points and it resets me.

    I'm on a Samsung Galaxy Note 4.
  • I got rank 1 in my ladder last time, too. Maybe that has something to do with it? I'm on iOS so it must not be device related.

    I got up to at least 15 and it reset my score AGAIN. Seriously, ****. Got nothing but absolute garbage from the first , tragic arrogance dupe, and more white dupes in the fat pack. Actually need good blue cards, so of course this game has to screw me over. If it's not the daily reward it's this now.
  • Same here... this is so frustrating !!
    There was no crash : just spent a couple of hours playing wasted after a reset...

    Symptoms : on the front page, I was stuck for a few winning matches at rank 5000 (but I could see it was "ok" while checking the ladder), then for whatever reason it started showing the correct rank on the front page (out of 15000+ btw...), and finally after a few more matches : 5000 and back to score 3 even on the ladder !!

    If there's no explanation (and bugfix), I'm done with it.
  • Leaffe
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    Just playing matches, updated my deck and used a new Champion. Reset my score from around 30 to 3 on the next win.
  • span_argoman
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    My ladder points just got reset out of nowhere. Went from rank 217 (maybe 60+ points? Didn't keep track) or so to 6591. That is not cool.
  • I ended the last event at rank 5, the rewards were AWESOME! So, when I entered the new event I really dumped a ton of time and effort into achieving rank 6 or better... today I was doing my quick matches, I reached 123 points (rank 50/25000), then suddenly I'm entering a quick match and the game crashes... when I log back in I have 0 points, 0 wins (before was over 190 wins), and my rank is 7180!!!!!!! What the actual ****!? What a titanic waste of my time.... D3, idk what you can do to make this right but I have zero desire to play the game anymore...
  • Same thing happened to me...twice... So much for getting a pack...
  • SO the issue is every time you switch planeswalkers. Switched 3 times and each time I won and checked, my score was back to 0. Just awesome...
  • AvatarTou
    First the crashing of the app resulting as a loss and now my rank of 30ish has been reset back to 3! I'm on LGv10 Lollipop. Please fix this bug.
  • I had the same problem right after the switch from the last white event to the now ongoing blue one.

    I thought it was just a problem caused by me playing before the blue event began and that I fixed it by relogging.
    But now reading that people still experience this I don't bother to compete with 20k+ ppl when I can randomly get set back to 3 points.

    Hope this gets fixed soon.
  • Switching decks is almost an automatic reset. I've had it happen on a crash and just by winning a match.
  • i didnt actually switch sets, i justed levelled a different planeswalker and i happened. i was around rank 20 when it happened as well (just wanted a fat pack).

    this really is ridiculous. not only does the game crash during matches, now this. i regret making any purchases in this game.

    we should all just stop playing.
  • Anyone familiar with this forum ? Do they even bother reading (and replying) here ?

    Like others, I've stopped playing quick matches. Too bad, 'cause I was starting to think it was a nice feature... (before the reset-to-3 bug, and before they grouped us with thousands of players)
  • It really seems like there is no consistency with creating groups to quick battle for rewards.

    I mean my current group is 6 people...

    6 people!?

  • It really seems like there is no consistency with creating groups to quick battle for rewards.

    I mean my current group is 6 people...

    6 people!?

  • Weltenzeichner
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    My score just reset to 3,from twenty something, I dropped from task 60 to 222. Top ranks kept their score. Ingame name: worlddrawer
  • I am also experiencing this issue. My Meeting of the Minds Quick Battle event is glitched and unplayable, to include wins and losses not being recorded.
  • I was rank 1 prepared to go hard for two days before all my ribbons went kaput, 120 to 0 in two seconds flat
  • I decided to give it another shot since they updated some things and 20 wins into my ladder I get a sudden crash right ad I'm about to win a game, and now my rank is reset... again...
  • The_Leftist
    Since the ladder size fix, crashing rate has tripled for me.

    I've also noticed something and I'm wondering if anyone else is having the same issue

    When the game does crash, it's always after an opponents creature dies. Doesn't happen after every creature dies, but I haven't had it crash at any other point in the game. Surely they can run some diagnostics and see which sectors of data are changing. If they do that, I bet they can figure out what is causing the game to crash