New character event engagement?

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Feel free to discuss TOPIC if you wish.

Just doing poll for my only curiosity not for any other reasons.

Thank you for your participation.

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  • GrumpySmurf1002
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    My level of participation for a new character depends on when the event runs and how long.

    A 4 day weekend event - high participation, goal is the covers
    Anything else - low participation, goal is still the covers via bracket shopping the end.
  • madsalad
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    These 7-day PVE events are long, boring and depressing as you watch as your goal gets further and further away. Approaching the end of Prodigal Sun right now and hovering around 40-50. I haven't been able to crack a Top 10 in a PVE since the most recent PVE where The Thing was the Top 10 prize. I barely stay in Top 50.
  • TxMoose
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    I try and get a new bracket sunday or Monday, which still usually leaves room for the LT. I go hard early to see if t20 is possible. if not, I just play to t50 in each sub. if it is, I grind best I can.
  • cooperbigdaddy
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    I'm a relatively new player and don't have too many open slots, nor play crazy competitively anyway, so when a new character comes out, I smile and wave.

    I like playing the progression so I can slowly level up my team and hopefully gain some HP so I can get more slots.

    I only open tokens (got >60 expired event tokens, >90 heroic, >1400 standards, and >50 tacos) when I have a free slot in case I get a new character. Does this make me a bad player? Maybe. But I like it!
  • BlackSheep101
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    I have more HP banked than ever before and can't spend them on covers, so I'll have plenty to roster a new guy.