rarity of mythic cards? 600 crystal "big box" gave 0



  • Oh I wasn't specifically replying to you, but I was mentioning how it doesn't really matter what cards you get.

    You can make a deck out of any of them to do "stuff" with. Whatever measurement of success you want to use is (mostly) not affected by the rares or mythics that you draw.

    Have an open mind regarding which planeswalkers you can play, and figure out how to make the best deck out of the cards you do have, and you'll have the right mindset to play.

    If you're looking for one card in particular, you're going to have a bad time.
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    Ah, my bad.

    Though I can understand the frustration of dumping a lot of money into this and not getting the "shinies" instead of appreciating the fact that the money spent probably netted you a pretty slick collection to start building decks with.
  • Having played many mobile games and spent money on a lot as well this stacks up very well against the majority for chances of rare cards/items from packs.I think it is a little unlucky not to get a mythic in a 600 box.This is what I've got so far,spent 30$ for 500 crystals got the rest free in game for a 600 box and got one mythic.It was a terrible card.Saved another 200 from in game and got a 200 pack,got another mythic which isn't bad but is nowhere near as good as some of the rares and uncommons I got from the 600 box.The best cards I have are uncommons and rares,in terms of efficiency for cost,and I got some of those from the few free packs I bought with the runes you get after every match.
  • I've purchased 3 big boxes and around 100 free packs and recieved 1 mythic so far out of drawing 500 cards, which was Dead Waters and completely useless.

    Don't see much point putting anymore money into the game if it's gonna cost $60 for a mythic, half of which are useless anyways.

    On a side note it definitely seems like the big box does have a higher chance of rarer cards and not only because you get more cards out of it. I've only recieved maybe 4-5 rares from my free packs while the big boxes netted me 3 pages of rares, 21 unique cards not including duplicates. Also considering that I drew 30% more free cards it seems quite apparent.
  • Semi-related, does it seem slightly annoying to anyone else that all Mythics (that I've observed) have ridiculuously high casting costs? I mean, they may be awesome but 15-20+ mana is a lot. If they had something like a 4/4 flyer for 4 mana, then THAT would be amazing, powerful and worth pulling packs for! However, I'm just not motivated in searching for a "game ender" that will take a lot of luck, or time, to cast.
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    I disagree.

    Mythic cards should be ones with powerful, unique effects. They should be victory conditions and cards you build your deck around. Having Mythic cards be simply undercosted, overpowered minions as you suggested only serves the needs of whales and I sincerily hope that is not the direction they take this game.
  • Rares already serve sort of that purpose, take a look at Exquisite Flamecraft, a strictly better lightning bolt for the same cost.

    So some of that is already in place, though I really hope they don't go overboard - because then instead of setting up combos and such you just aggro with stupid cheap creatures.

    Also Mizzium for just 9 is pretty painful to deal with (for AI, for players, mizzium is mediocre at best).
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    Yup. Same with Lanquish and Eyeblight Massacre.

    I just hope they'd take notes from card game design rather than mobile game design and not make card rarity correlate with card strenght too directly.
  • bought 2x600 and 1x200. Got 1 mythic so far (it was from a 600).
  • pandabear wrote:
    I would like to see some more explicit information about rarity odds in the Vault. As others have pointed out, when buying physical cards, you had a minimum number of mythics, rares and whatnot in a box. Clearly that's not the case with the digital goods in MtGPQ.

    Thats a good idea, MPQ tells you the exact chance of getting the card you want (ps, its like 0.13% or something rofl) when buying a box, and/or shows you the entirety of the (incredibly skewed, obviously, but still visible) cards in a "vault" that are remaining.

    There have been discussions about requiring online games with "gacha" systems to clearly list the odds of getting any particular item. On one hand, this may lose the company a lot of money as people realize just how much they are getting ****, but I think it's the only ethical way to go.

    I opened my 600 crystal big box solely from crystals from the first three chapters of story mode and got one mythic (Days of Undoing), so I guess after reading this that means I was lucky? Reading this definitely makes me not want to spend money on crystals, which are really overpriced. For 30 bucks, I might as well make a new account, grind out 600 crystals, and repeat until I get one of those insanely power creeped Jace cards!
  • Consider yourself lucky getting that mythic. I have 12 mythics and and almost All the rare cards. Rare cards in my opinion are way better anyways. Every mythic is way to expensive at this point in the game, but when peoples decks start getting better you'll see a use for them later on. I've spent 20 dollars on this game and have but probably over close to 500 rune packs at 225
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    For 30 bucks, I might as well make a new account, grind out 600 crystals, and repeat until I get one of those insanely power creeped Jace cards!
    You already did.