Speed up matches!

Malcrof Posts: 5,971 Chairperson of the Boards
Is there a way to speed up matches? Some of them take incredibly long.. longer than say, a quick step outside break!


  • frymanman
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    I agree, overall fights seem to move a little slowly, especially the mana flowing to your cards/planeswalker animation. Just seems to drag the fight out far longer than needed when you have to wait through it every turn.
  • Even in real life some matches in mtg takes a lot of time. I have no problem with slow matches.
  • Well at least make the opponent's turn faster because it takes forever for the opponent to switch the tiles.
  • GundamY
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    Malcrof! You're playing Magic the Gathering too? I guessed MPQ has really gone downhill from here...
  • DrDoMe
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    Yes, this game is way too slow, and I think the main problem is animation times. In combat, specifically:

    -Cards drawn and played pop up on screen too briefly for me to totally grok a new card but way longer than necessary for me to recognize one I already know. Speed this up, since I will probably examine a new card later anyway
    -When three monsters die in combat, each is removed individually. I can see this being necessary for triggers, but it's way too slow when they just need to go away.
    -Same thing happens every time a new creature takes the first spot, each boost triggers in sequence.
    (In both of the above situations, you could perform a check for any trigger complications and if there are none, perform all these animations in parallel.)
    -At the end of a fight, the victory screen hangs around way to long, as does each reward thingy. Your cool art and animations are great, but they don't justify the delay the 50th time.

    I also think you should look at gameplay tweaks to speed up play. Right now this is a hack-fest. But even just crisping up the UI speed would help a lot.