Simulator Event Round 1 Rewards Issue - 2/14



  • I also did not get my rewards. I got my hard but not my easy ones.
  • I didn't get any Round 2 rewards at all. Was 13th in Hard Mode and 3rd in Easy the last time I looked, about 45 minutes before the round ended.
  • Okay, they just showed up. Never mind my previous post!
  • Same for me - top 10 in hard but no recruit token.
  • Gigas BreakerGigas Breaker Age Unconfirmed Posts: 86 Match Maker
    I did eventually get it like two hours later.
  • So I too got standard tokens instead of Highly Trained tokens. Should I go ahead and contact support or wait til tomorrow and see if they correct it? Also I've got a bunch of other standards from the mission rewards but I'm afraid to use them or else it would mess up me getting my event tokens.
  • I would defenitely contact them. I've been waiting since Friday though as I imagine a ton of people had this error.
  • Finally got mine. Think I got the correct rewards too. Just took an hour or two...
  • Still waiting from Friday ! Wth
  • zaymac wrote:
    I got my hard mode rewards, but not easy. Unfortunately they all ended up being standard 1* tokens. icon_neutral.gif

    Same here. The Easy rewards came a few hours later though are thankfully were the correct tokens.
  • The rewards I receive claim to be 2 star tokens but they turns out to be all 1 star tokens.
    4 from round 1 and another 4 from round two... total of 8 2 star tokens still missing.
    3 emails in and not a single reply or even confirmation that they received my email.

    Are they still working on the issue?
  • I sent out another web-link request asking if there's an ETA as well. It's already monday so I'm kinda surprised I still haven't received the tokens I earned. icon_e_sad.gif

    Probably end up getting 4X daken/moonstone anyhow icon_razz.gif
  • My round 2 rewards were fixed but I still haven't seen any fix for the heroic from round 1.

    I guess it's just not gonna happen.

    I sent in 2 dev tickets. Maybe I will send one more.
  • I still haven't received my round 1 rewards....what gives!
  • I still haven't received my round 1 rewards....what gives!

    At this point, and just my speculation, I'm guessing maybe they're waiting until the entire pve event is over. Waiting 5 days for a reward from several events ago is kinda nuts otherwise.

    On a side note, 10 days is way freaking too long for one tournament icon_razz.gif 5-7 is much much better especially when they're just repeating the same nodes
  • ZeiramMRZeiramMR Posts: 1,313 Chairperson of the Boards
    If that were the case, though, would we even receive the Highly Trained tokens or would they just be Heroics?
  • Marquoz wrote:
    I didn't get my hard mode round 2 rewards, either. I did receive easy mode.

    Same here -- I put a ticket in on Sunday.

    I received an automatically generated notice that the ticket was submitted immediately and a follow up email that they were looking into the issue yesterday. In my experience, the customer service has been great. I'm sure they are getting inundated with requests regarding this event though. I don't imagine they have a very large customer service team either.
  • I finally got a reply asking for device info, pvp name, etc. I won't respond until I get home, since I don't have access to some of it while I'm at work, but it is a sign they're finally starting to respond to these.
  • Same thing device os username blah blah blah nothing still.
  • I did not get my rewards for Round 3 in both rooms (hard and easy).
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