Oscorp Heroic Mode



  • We all know it's some kind of trick to this . It just sounds too good -.-.
  • KaioShinDE wrote:
    Could be good, we'll have to wait and see how it's actually implemented.

    I never got the commotion about boosts. I guess if you want to get top3 in a PvP tourney they are required, but I haven't needed them to get Top10 placements before. Which is enough for me, so I honestly don't give a **** about boosts. If they become PvE rewards instead, that's probably just one 100 ISO or Recruitment Token reward less to get. I hope not. Cause I'll take those over boosts any day of the week.
    Any time any f2p game changes anything, say pointlessly italicizing its interface in the middle of some of the worst-received content and economy tweaks in its short history, someone will claim it's now disgustingly p2w, everything's ruined, and quit in a flounce.

    It's a cringe thing, at least for me. The seedy exploitative shenanigans f2p too easily enables and even encourages are well and widely documented, and when I am King of Cosmos it won't be allowed. I don't, for what it's worth, think this game's a particularly heinous offender, but it's always been blatantly pay to win, for some definition, given there's next to nothing you can't buy your way into or out of. I'll shell out for roster slots, but I'll never willingly buy a clear competitive advantage with money.

    A good number of people have always complained about the +3 all boost, especially in PvP (plenty also haven't, mind), and I'd have no problem if it disappeared overnight in line with the developer's desire to slow the game down. But I don't like this weaselly soft-ban. What are they saying? "We think this breaks the game, but we don't much care if you break our game as long as you pay us $0.33 each time you do it."? Well, no. You're supposed to land the odd freebie and use them for occasions like the difference between winning 10,000HP and 2,500, but ignore them, otherwise. But it looks uncomfortably like whale-bait and feeds the ever-present paranoia among free or mostly free players that people who pay are hopelessly outstripping them.
  • The old saying is you either adopt the environment or you create your own. Since I am not good enough a programmer, designer and whatever skills required to build a decent game, I would just adopt the changes. The good thing with harsh penalty is less competition. Easier to get higher rewards. I just wish they offer the hulk sooner or later as progression reward, so I can get his black to lvl5 lol. Too much punisher red as progression reward is not fun balanced in my opinion.
  • Just waiting for the Heroic Mode to come on.
  • kauthor wrote:
    Just waiting for the Heroic Mode to come on.

    Yeah I can't wait. Heroics in general are my favorite mode because of the limited characters. I had never played with **Wolvie until he was featured in one of them and I had no idea what I was missing.

    When OBW was included I was glad because although I wanted to use her I could never justify it for any other mode.

    I know I can use whatever characters I want for most everything we do but like most I'm a creature of habit but love being forced to do otherwise, makes the game more interesting.
  • Any time frame on when today it'll be started
  • Any time frame on when today it'll be started

    Most likely it will start around 3pm EST (3.5 hours from now).
  • I wasn't around for the last one. Given that nothing changes to drastically, what sort of format are we looking at here?
  • I wasn't around for the last one. Given that nothing changes to drastically, what sort of format are we looking at here?

    I was a noob during the juggernaut event so I don't remember it well. The other event is escaping my memory, been a while I guess.
  • I remember playing the Venom level on heroic back when... Was fun and somewhat challenging as i hadnt been playing thst long then... Cant wait to see how it turns out
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    Started 1-50 Daredevil red & Daredevil multicolor prog rewards, x-force wolverine multicolor too
  • Unknown
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    It started ! icon_e_biggrin.gif At least on pc(steam)

    Edit: Talked to early, it went off for me.
  • This event is live now.
  • its just started and the first mission is... 10pts and progression awards go up to 54k...

  • And 2* wolvie is still involved.
  • darkmagearcanis
    Very impressed with progression rewards.
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  • It won't let me start the first mission.
  • Did it disappear for anyone?
  • D3PCS wrote:
    Hey All,

    Just linking to the announcement about the new Oscorp Heroic Mode, set to start up tomorrow!



    Are there going to be any updates/patches released during the duration of this tournament to the characters that are used? I want to know if it's a possibility that you release a new patch mid tournament that renders me incapable of completing and competing in it, just like Thieves tournament. icon_neutral.gif