Enemy of the State - Feb 18 - 24

icon_humantorch.png (Johnny Storm)
icon_captainamerica.png (Modern)
icon_hawkeye.png (Modern)
icon_wolverine.png (Astonishing)

Notable Progressions:
10k icon_hawkeye.pngblueflag.png
18k icon_captainamerica.pngyellowflag.png
30k icon_humantorch.pnggreenflag.png
40k icon_cyclops.pngblackflag.png

1-2 icon_invisiblewoman.pngblueflag.png +
3-10 icon_hood.pngyellowflag.pngblackflag.pngblueflag.png
11-20 icon_hood.pngblackflag.pngblueflag.png
21-150 icon_hood.pngblueflag.png
151-400 icon_daken.png (Dark Avengers) blackflag.png
401-800 cardpack.png Standard
801-1000 icon_lol.gif

1-100 icon_hood.pngblueflag.png

Length of Event: 6.5 days
Sub-Events? Yes; Alliance Rewards in Sub-Events? Yes
Number of Sub-Events: 6
Length of Sub-Events: 36 or 24 hours
Main Nodes after Sub-Events End? No
Other Notes:

The first sub-event is 36 hours; all others are 24 hours. One sub-event runs at a time.
There are Main nodes to open up the sub-events. These nodes are one time only nodes.
This event introduced "Survival Mode". This is a node with waves of enemies. The number of waves per node and number of enemies per wave varies. Points are gained after each wave.


  • Trisul
    Trisul Posts: 887 Critical Contributor
    This is transitioner heaven. Those in T100 alliances can easily pick up two blue Hood covers.
  • fmftint
    fmftint Posts: 3,653 Chairperson of the Boards
    This is just what I needed, an event that has nothing I need for rewards. Playing till Cyclops then tapping out
  • I'm sure a ton of people are going to be super happy with this. icon_hood.pngblueflag.png for the doubled reward (and right after I pulled the last one I needed for my duplicate icon_hood.png - oh well...hmm... do I start a 3rd? Even locked isn't that crazy. I think...)

    I'll be playing just for the icon_cyclops.png cover and for my own general amusement. No cares will be given about finishing outside of any placement spots.
  • fmftint wrote:
    This is just what I needed, an event that has nothing I need for rewards. Playing till Cyclops then tapping out

    Likewise, unless the sub rewards are decent
  • slidecage
    slidecage Posts: 2,861 Chairperson of the Boards
    love the time of the event. 36 then 24 hours each. No need to get up in the middle of the freaking night to grind. Woo my hood will go from 2 covers to at least 5 LOL weeeeeee

    is hood worth powering up? with say 5 covers

    wonder if Survival Mode will be back with the change in timers

    also with the new pve popping up and a new PVP popping up i doubt the daily pve pops tomorrow
  • Wish I was in a T-100 alliance for that hood blue. Mine is 5/0/3 so unless I find a good alliance I'm taking it easy this event.
  • Moon Roach
    Moon Roach Posts: 2,863 Chairperson of the Boards
    I would have thought top 100 reward Hood blue = bloodbath. So many complain about not having any.

    Instead it seems no-one is interested.

    Unless it's a double bluff...
  • Just want Cyclops and as many tokens as I can get, so I'm going to be taking this one relatively easily.
  • Wish I was in a T-100 alliance for that hood blue. Mine is 5/0/3 so unless I find a good alliance I'm taking it easy this event.

    Post in the merc forum maybe? Might be some alliances out there you can piggyback with for moar blue. It's totally worth it.
  • Unknown
    edited February 2015

    Also forgot that now that I have the essential character(cyke) I can do essential nodes which have event tokens!
  • ClydeFrog76
    ClydeFrog76 Posts: 1,350 Chairperson of the Boards
    I really enjoy survival matches. Such a great addition to the game.
  • And here I was, looking forward to the second running EVAR of Enemy of the State and what is my surprize?

    icon_hood.png covers I don't need or want, and (is this the new thing, Devs? Release a new character, and make the (seemingly) best cover a "one-shot", where you just DO NOT get it if you miss that single, solitary opportunity? (Oh my poor, poor greenflag.png -less. icon_squirrelgirl.png ... icon_cry.gif ) a perfectly common icon_cyclops.pngblackflag.png as top prog.

    It's a good thing I'll probably be too distracted with Daily Deadpool to be properly outraged by this development.

    i'll just take my blackflag.png now and leave quietly...
  • Still not exactly looking forward to turn 3 Adamantium Slash against me and unstoppable strike tiles and having the only character that's powered up that I have covered well being useless because heaven forbid we be able to use the same character as the computer, that just wouldn't make sense and we can't have that.
  • Ryz-aus
    Ryz-aus Posts: 386
    If someone wants to move these to the main post - sub rewards (1000 players/sub) worth noting are the following imo:

    1-2: 1000 iso8.png 100 spideycoin.png 2 cardpack.png

    3-10: 1000 iso8.png 100 spideycoin.png 1 cardpack.png

    11-50: 1000 iso8.png 50 spideycoin.png 1 cardpack.png

    After that, the hp is gone. Alliance rewards per sub are iso8.png and cardpack.png of various amounts.
  • CrookedKnight
    CrookedKnight Posts: 2,579 Chairperson of the Boards
    Double hood blue makes this my favorite pve event evar. Yay. So much yay. Don't even have to grind much for once, just enough to get HP with my sub rewards and earn an alliance cover. THANK YOU, D3.

    Good roster, too. Cyclops, Falcon and R&G make a perfect rainbow team, with one and only one active power for each color. Not the best team ever, but they should be fun to play around with.

    (Also, Cyclops' red will hopefully be the top 100 reward in his PvP...If not, then I agree, it's ****.)
  • A question about the Yellow power of Cyclops yellowflag.png : is it possibile that even if i had the number of Tiles required the power didn't work?? icon_e_surprised.gif
  • tom641 wrote:
    Still not exactly looking forward to turn 3 Adamantium Slash against me and unstoppable strike tiles
    protect.png counters eattack.png
    Remember when enemy hero is going to come up so you can down character before that with skill and not loose move, then use other specials to down/stun it. Alternatively use Blade, he can dry the Red with blacktile.png or two. On general nodes, it will suck... but that is only in first sub (maybe second?) and you aren't forced to clear it, unless you want that blueflag.png IW so badly. Even t10 will probably be rather tame.
  • Oh the last blue for my low lvl hood. Top 150 here I come!
  • SuperSkrull
    SuperSkrull Posts: 49 Just Dropped In
    Nice, very enjoyable event. Playing for progression rather than placement, so I'll be doing this at my leisure. I imagine this was chosen to give everyone another round of practicing survival nodes before daily events. R71 update next Tuesday/Wednesday?
  • 6 1/2 day event and you need top TWENTY for two covers?? why in the world would they do that? top 50 is doable with the essential without losing sleep grinding, but top 20 out of 1000 is really for the hard of hardcores only. im shaking my head.

    and my first event token was a 2* icon_cry.gif . my streak continues from the last event. help me deadpool, youre my only hope....