Thoughts on Monthly Sweeping Rebalances



  • _TrashPanda
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    wymtime said:
    I am personally all for balance changes.  With the weekly buff of 5* it will not make a huge difference in the haves and have nots.  Let’s say for example they buff 5* Heimdall and he becomes a top 2 5* in the game.  Because of weekly buffs he won’t be OP in PVP when he isn’t buffed.  The only thing it will help is in Sim.  Unless that take a 5* and make them completely broken like original Gambit this will only be a good thing

    I think it would be fun if they had a special pvp & pve event where any of the old nerf'd characters powers were restored just for the event to see how they play now/ compare against the new dominant 5*. Like OMW, Gambit, etc.
  • Tony_Foot
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    I've always said be careful what you wish for and the pressure it could cause when you have skipped someone.
  • danielrandkai
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    They fixed that though right away, so, they seem pretty on top of it, from the git go. 
  • ThisisClemFandango
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    I mean it's got to banner or hope van dyne hasn't it?
    I feel the 3 star category isn't that bad, probably sentry but it fits in with his character. 
    There's a fair few in the 4's that wind me up (namely mysterio,  one of the best spider villains and he doesn't do much of anything, talos, namor and Emma frost)
    I'm really excited to see what's coming as the first few changes have been excellent starts.
  • ThaRoadWarrior
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    I’d love to see some of the Nuclear Nerf characters get brought back to usable, even if not restored to their former glory, speaking of Sentry. I’d also love it if my old buddy Danver5 could get a look after her #SecretNerf lol.
  • KGB
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    I’d also love it if my old buddy Danver5 could get a look after her #SecretNerf lol.
    She needs a full rework of her powers, not just a fix to her secret nerf.

    Now that charges (Big Wheel, Shang Chi) have come to the game, she should be storing charges passively and using them with her Red power instead of creating that ridiculous repeater.

  • dianetics
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    They could just revert her and she would be more valuable.