Hero slots are cost prohibitive

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I recently returned to MPQ after having lost my account to a data problem (6 years of play) and while on that account I was generally able to earn enough hero points each month to open slots for new characters. Now after starting a new account the cost of hero slots rises very rapidly and become quickly cost prohibitive as you can not earn enough hero points as a new player to open slots for all heroes you get. A reduction in hero point cost would go a long way for new players as I can see many getting frustrated with constantly losing character they would like to add because they can not afford new slots and guessing this would help keep those players. I know a couple folks that I introduced the game to stopped playing because of this issue.  I know this has been brought up many times.


  • ne0crank
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    i totally agree with this. I play this game all the time and still am able to only earn enough to redeem one character each week. with the cost now up to 500 per new slot, I won’t be able to even do that, I have enough shards to add 20 more and enough covers to add at least 20 more. It will not be long before I lose interest because I don’t have enough slots for the necessary heroes so that I can compete in many of the special events.
    please reduce or eliminate the cost for hero slots! Marvel Champions game has no cost for hero slots. Once you discover a hero, a slot is assumed. Please do the same!!
  • Raithe1
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    it tops out at 1000 per hero so it only gets worse

  • skittledaddy
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    Actually, once you get to 300 slots, it bumps up the 2,000 HP per slot.
    That is the current cap, as far as we know.
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    Raithe1 said:
    it tops out at 1000 per hero so it only gets worse

    No, it doesn't. As @skittledaddy noted it goes up to 2,000 HP per slot at 300. I'm there right now, literally at 300, and I've been selling off my dupe 3s to avoid burning through my HP.

    When they start rolling out more, new 3s, I'm definitely going to be in for it.

    I would not even be unhappy if they only lowered the price back down to 1,000 per slot for 300+

    It wouldn't be a big change, and as a show of goodwill the Dev Team could refund the cost difference to everyone who has more than 300 slots.
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    Years ago there was a suggestion to make an inactive roster system (think like the Pokebox in Pokemon) with infinite space.  We pay HP as usual to unlock more “active” roster slots that we can utilize at any time.

    Give us some “free” swaps, perhaps have them recharge like health packs when you are under 5 or whatever number it’s currently at; give us an option to pay HP if we don’t want to wait.  Perhaps even make the between season period free to swap as well.

    This would help newer players not feel quite so pushed to buy roster slots at all times and even hoard tokens for fear of getting someone new and then needing to deal with that 14 day timer to make room one way or another.  At the same time it wouldn’t invalidate older player’s investment in roster slots either.
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    How about instead of tying slot cost to amount of slots owned, it's instead tied to shield rank? No need for price change because once you reach a certain shield level it should be no problem earning the hp needed for slots.