Give Shards for Selling (3, 4, and 5 star) Covers


Right now, selling covers feels unfortunate for rolling a character you were unable to add to your roster before their timer expired. The amount of iso you get is tiny, but understandable, so increasing that is not a good idea. To make selling feel better, I propose giving shards for the sale in one of two ways:

1. Give a substantial amount of shards for the character you sell. This will let you bank covers for a later roster increase, or give you an option to sell a cover instead of saving it when you need those extra shards to get a cover you were missing for the character.

2. Give a miniscule amount of shards for a player's equivalent stared favorite character. This will allow players to add to the slowly accumulating shards for their favorite characters so they can know that each purchase of a token will be slowly working towards characters that they want.


  • skittledaddy
    skittledaddy Posts: 826 Critical Contributor
    While I am no longer at the point where I ever need to sell covers, I think this is a good idea.
    Sure expiration pressure is what drives players to either play more or buy HP with real $$ for roster spots, but a token amount of shards in return would lessen the sting a little.
  • illusionist_KA
    illusionist_KA Posts: 127 Tile Toppler
    i still favor a "shard bank" where unused shards can be transferred too. if you sell a character , those shards should go to a bank, to be used later.  this is ideal. give life to characters we want, and not the way the devs want to dictate it. so much wasted shards on characters we never use.