Rebels family, 3 alliances (T50 pvp / T50 pve / casual) is recruiting ! (3 spots)

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3 alliances in the family:

- SolosRebels (T50 pvp): 2 spots

- LooniesRebels (T50 pve): 1 spot

- LeaisRebels (casual): 0 spot

SolosRebels (T50 pvp):

Solid T50 pvp (often T25)

Our requirements:

- Mins are 900

- No mins for pve

- Max prog in boss event

- Line is recommanded but not mandatory

LooniesRebels (T50 pve):

T50 pve alliance

Our requirements:

- Full progression for 3* roster / 1.2x for the others

- Full progression for boss event

- No requirement for PvP

We're using Line but it's not mandatory.

LeiasRebels (casual)

Our requirements:

- Play daily 

- Be active for boss event (with mins depending roster)

I hope to have news of you soon :)

You can contact me here or Line (same name).




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    I'll do the T100 PVE.
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    Edit :

    - SolosRebels (T50 pvp): 1 spot 

    - LooniesRebels (T50 pve): 2 spots

    - LeaisRebels (casual): 0 spot
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    Edit :

    - SolosRebels (T50 pvp): 2 spots

    - LooniesRebels (T50 pve): 0 spots

    - LeaisRebels (casual): 0 spot
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    The alliance I started is slowly crapped out as player after player gradually stopped playing. 
    Would love to join a more active and full one.
    I have 5016 hours logged against the game in steam 😂
    PvE every day. 
    I'm not sure what you mean by "we're using lline"
    Can you explain this? 
    I have all covers except for Ultron at present.

    21 champed 5*
    all 4* champed except for Loki gator, hydra stomper and blob.

    most of my 3* is maxed.  They were all but then I recycled them all to get sll the levelling up bonuses again, All 2 and 1's maxed obviously.

    I have 48/54 supports (all max levelled)

    5* - 0
    4* - 6
    3* - 27
    2* - 13
    1* - 2
    All fully levelled. 

    I do play PvP sometimes, but when I do, I often only go to level 13 just to pick up the 10CP 

    With Boss fights, I play as often as I can, but I do have narcolepsy, so I can't 100% guarantee I'll hit every single fight.

    Would this be deemed acceptable for any of the PvE alliances? 
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    Well bot: pm
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    Edit :

    - SolosRebels (T50 pvp): 2 spots

    - LooniesRebels (T50 pve): 1 spots

    - LeaisRebels (casual): 0 spot