Hey Demiurge! This is what lack of communication gets you

ColognoisseurColognoisseur Posts: 769 Critical Contributor
For years I tried to get the powers that be to realize their silence was harmful. 
It looks like the current situation over the speed hack has proven that point. 
Imagine if when they got the first reports they actually posted across the platforms something like this:

we are aware of the use of an outside application being used to alter gameplay in an unfair manner. We are working on it. In the meantime if you use it you will be suspended because this is not intended gameplay..

We all know what they actually did, nothing. Their tried and true this too shall pass strategy which they have made their company motto. Now they’re truly stuck with the consequences of that silence. Maybe suffering through this might force a change. Sadly I suspect they are in their cone of silence waiting for this to pass. 


  • JangoLoreJangoLore Posts: 106 Tile Toppler
    Heh, cone of silence.  Makes me think cone of shame.  
  • DeNappaDeNappa Posts: 1,171 Chairperson of the Boards
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    [insert Jeremy Clarkson "oh no! .... Anyway" meme image to illustrate their reaction to the exploit]
  • McPostersonMcPosterson Posts: 39 Just Dropped In
    How is developer not responding after months?
    on what platform can ask for refund for money spent?
    So why not write to parent company Bandai and express complaints to them?

  • Michael1957Michael1957 Posts: 630 Critical Contributor
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    I don’t think dev communications is a big problem. 18 of 20 of my alliance don’t even read the forum , they play for fun and get info either from me or posted in-game news. Of the tens of thousands minimum playing this game we have a minuscule percentage using the forum , which is primarily only for ONE REASON! ( Hint : it’s not game info )
       The word you’re erroneously thinking of is “feedback” if you’re semantically challenged 
  • HoundofShadowHoundofShadow Posts: 4,559 Chairperson of the Boards
    I'm sure you guys know that the dev will do something about the exploits and here are the proofs:

    1) Characteristics of MPQ Dev teams
    For years, players in here have been saying that the dev don't care about the players and care only about money. They are greedy; they are a bunch of moneygrab. Therefore, their priority is to make sure they are making money and not losing money.

    2) Effects of not closing exploits early
    If cheats continue to exist in games and go unsolved, the net effect is that game company revenue will go down. Since our dev cares only about money, naturally, they will close exploits because not closing them will hurt their revenue.

    3) Proof of closing of past exploits in MPQ
    The veterans are aware that there are multiple examples where exploits were closed quickly because it hurts the dev's revenues. Once again, it further solidify the fact that the dev will do something about exploit because it cause them to lose money.

    4) Dev's stance about cheating
    The rockett was the one who asked this question and you were the one who started those Q&A threads. You guys are aware of how the dev is going to handle exploits and here's the link:


    The dev has said what they think about cheating, what they have done so far and what their procedure is.

    Based on the above four set of evidences, a rationale person will be able to conclude that the dev will do something about the exploits. 

    You guys want the dev to communicate in the forum and this is the kind of things you guys do to make them want to communicate. Is this some form of reverse psychology?
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