Magneto5 bugs

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Reporting from his pvp: it seems there are some bugs.
- protect tiles are ok with his buff altought they seem as always.
-protect tiles from BRB clash of worthy are buffed more than 100% and they reflect this value clicking on them, although having only magneto as xmen
  -if magneto dies those protects are left unchanged
-repeaters are converting to strike tiles of the same strenght that special tile had, instead of 150 strenght if champed.
Edit: after reading more his text, that strenght 150 could be his 2 special tiles and then the repeater conversion could be ok, it converts any enemy special to a strike of the same value. 
And the only bug remaining should be clash of worthy.


  • abmoraz
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    I'm fairly certain his buff works like 3* Spider-man.  The buff is applied when the tile is created.  It doesn't matter what happens after that.  So if he dies, the tiles don't change.
  • Bad
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    If it works like that, all tiles would be modified, and there arent. Plus clash of worthy is improved a bit more than 100% in a team where the only xmen is magneto. 
  • HoundofShadow
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    Who did you use him with?