Eidolon of blossom hunter x bonder bottom node [Investigating]

SentheianSentheian Posts: 1 Just Dropped In
Greg and I were both using Nissa Worldbreaker they had eibolon of blossom out and even though it would trigger and Greg would draw a card and convert Mana, it wouldn't disable the cards drawn from it; resulting in Greg continuing to convert Mana, play cards, and then draw more cards and convert more mana


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    edited October 2020

    Thank you for the feedback @Sentheian , this issue will be investigated!

    In order to help us, please provide the following information (you can PM me the answer if you prefer, or send it to Customer Support in-game):

    • Which card?

    • Type and Subtype;

    • Is it related to trigger, mechanic, text, or other?

    • Which Event/Battle?

    • BattleLog screenshot;

    • All cards in the deck and possible interactions that might have happened.

    Thank you,


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