3* Deadpool Red Bug

Mr_F Posts: 630 Critical Contributor
My polaris got oneshooted. By Deadpool's red. Which is impossible. He cannnot kill with his red. I know that he has a lot of strike tiles but his red power is CAPPED. IT CANNOT pass the said threshhold! Am I right?


  • Mr_F
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    edited October 2020
    And I thought that I know how DP's red works all those years. Anyway, basically the ability saying "65% of current health (maximum damage xxxx)" is a lie as the max treshhold can be passed. Nice job. Then all those times when I had strike tiles and damage treshhold was not passed even if it should* were bugged? Cheated?

    *i.e. my strikes were +500, opponnet had 1200 HP and I did only 780 dmg.

  • DeNappa
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    The damage cap on his red only applies to the base damage. It can still be boosted beyond that by strike tiles and other power boosters (Okoye's and Apocalypse's, most notable).