Suggestions for changes to Cobra's characters

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 Destro would look much better if he wasn't wearing a Pirate's coat. Something more modern would look cooler OR adding alternate costumes/skins is a good idea too. Also, his wrist rockets should do more damage...his rockets should b more powerful than Baroness' .50 Cal rifle imo. In fact, Baroness' rifle is almost as powerful as Cobra Commanders ( a legendary character ) Sat. Strike and that is just unrealistic.  
  B.A.T. squad damage is also pretty low...mine are at lvl 9 and only do 3.3 dps. What are they shooting exactly? Air rifles of what?? LoL
  That's what I came up with so far with Cobra, I will update if I notice anymore. If anyone else notices anything out of the ordinary feel free to share your thoughts.


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    Haha a Pirate's coat? A more modern look would be a suggestion you could put forward to Hasbro, we have certain criteria that must be followed for the characters. Rather than focusing on damage from an individual character, like Destro's wrist rockets, I would suggest using units that synergize together.