Extending Battle Pass Pre-Season 3 (8/28/20)

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Hi Everyone - 

We just wanted to share that we will be extending Pre-Season 3 by one day, so you will have a little bit longer to user your Perks and move up the tiers to earn more rewards.  Please note, this may require updating the 1.2.4 update that is currently incoming at the moment.

Have a great weekend!


  • Shany523
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    The new patch is so broken!!!
    dont you ever do a test runs on a device befor launching it?

    all fences bug out just the bases remain!

    visual bugs in bases and battles.
    emp blast, storm shadow slashes.
    joes smoke still screens enemy buildings from being hit.
    its 1 step forward 28 steps back each patch.
  • LakeStone
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    Thanks everyone, I have shared this with the team to investigate.  
  • Shany523
    Shany523 Posts: 25 Just Dropped In
    Match making is also broken, since the patch my map is only filling with challenge battles, 17 on the map! Re rolling only wastes gold cause it goes to different challenges only, also they don’t match your player and base lvl. I’m lvl 20/20 and it puts lvl 6 challenges. And the same 5 pvp players on my map are the only ones coming back since the patch (it’s like the game is stuck in a loop) no diversity... and with all the visual bugs that came with the patch, I see many people not playing atm cuase of this, do look into it ASAP