Siona, Captain of the Pyleas token generation effect not activating [Fixed]

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I was playing Siona in two of my matches where this problem was found by me.

Quoting myself verbatim from Discord,

"When I cast an Aura card on Sunblade Angel, the turn after Siona came into play, Glaring Aegis spell in fact, her ability failed to activate.


"I had previously thought that the first instance of her failing to produce 2 Human Soldier tokens were because I had probably played the Aura card she pulled out simultaneously in that turn or something.



There were no enemy support cards or even spells in play.


"I played the Aura on Siona hoping the description implied her as the creature but no dice."

Also, I would like to add that I was playing OG Nissa as my Planeswalker. Basically, I played Siona and her first effect worked by tutoring my Aura card to hand, Glaring Aegis. Which I proceeded to use in the next turn on my earlier placed creature Sunblade Angel. The Aura spell took effect but Siona failed to generate any tokens.

Neither my planeswalker Nissa, nor Sunblade Angel nor Siona were under any sort of enemy spell, enchantment or effect. The board was basically clear of enemy support cards and spells and no cards were played that could to my knowledge restrict Siona's token generation effect from activating. Also, I tried to use the Aura spell card on her too just to see if the card effect flair was misinterpreted or something and it would only work if Siona was the affected card by Auras but nothing changed. Siona got buffed but still didn't generate the Soldier tokens.

And yes, I had the third lane left empty for the tokens to be summoned into.

I haven't used her in any other matches and with any other Planeswalker since then, sorry.

Hereupon, taking whyspaer- plus ultra's advice, I have now made a bug notice submission regarding that. It's a bit late sorry about that but I was busy a bit 😶.

Here's hoping she will be tuned back to normalcy again.



Game name: UekiKousuke


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