Spearheading the Mission! Featuring Lady Jaye!

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Complete Challenges to Unlock Lady Jaye Content!

Start Date: Friday, July 10 2020 01:00 UTC
End Date: Thursday, July 16 2020 23:59 UTC
Duration 7days

Components: 6 per faction
Featured content: Lady Jaye (Hero)

Reward Details:

Buyout Details:
Cost: 300 Silver Event Coins
Total Rewards: 42
Buyout Bonus Reward:  Featured item x3  

* Shows both faction rewards, for Joe Lady Jaye and Cobra Dr. Mindbender


  • Vofer
    Vofer Posts: 103 Tile Toppler
    Ok, the next event is to get Lady Jaye, I prefer the survival event, two for day 
  • DonkeyTeeth
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    edited July 2020
    Which 6 components are we getting for this event? You've listed all 10 types... unless we are going to have all 10 for this one.. ;)

    Same question on the Cobra side