Time To Feed Buff

I would love to see time to feed get a tiny buff even if it of it increases card cost :-). The buff I would like to see is for the lifelink section, at the moment it's base mana cost. Wich makes it the weakest lifelink I own (comparing it to shadowspear and staggering insight) because if the AI has a 16/16 thopter network on the field I will only get 1 health when the creature dies. Also if I have a 10/10 Creature only on the field, it'll get the ferocious perk and gain +6 and fight the token, so this would be a 16/16 fight that would destroy both creatures but you still only get 1 health. I think it could be moved to a 12 cost card and it changed from base toughness to current toughness. This would put it in the same League as spear and insight.


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