City of heroes is (kinda) back!

andrewvanmarleandrewvanmarle Posts: 802 Critical Contributor
I know I'm late to the game but I found out that there are public-private servers running the game. (homecoming, rebirth, coxg etc) 

This is my new (old) go to game. 

Who else used to play coh? 


  • JohnyJohnyJohnyJohny Posts: 4 Just Dropped In
    edited 27 April 2020, 05:11
    This game was a large part of my childhood, where my cousins and I could connect across miles in a flash playing our alter-egos together.
    We would always play as heroes because of their father's aversion to villainy, but we would play villains in secret from time to time, but regardless, it was a game ahead of its time with it's customization and freedom pre-dating the modern era's fanaticism over caped crusaders and dasterdly-deed-doers.
    Not to mention it was just plain cool.
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