Taco Pulling Improvement

Like most people (I suspect), I save my tacos until there’s a vault with a needed 4*.

Once that vault appears and I’m ready to unwrap those tacos, I’m faced with these controls:


* there’s no reason a person with 396 tacos should buy a 10- or 40-pack

* opening 200-300 tacos would be a LOT easier if I could open them 40 at a time. Each token currently takes 5 screen-taps and opening 100 feels like halfway to an RSI!


When someone has 40+ tacos, let’s turn those buttons into a “Get Your Covers” button that opens 10 or 40 at a time!

Buttons are already changing appearance/behavior based on whether you have a 40pk already, so I’m thinking this could be a quick fix. This logic should apply to vaults, but tacos are the common case.

Seem reasonable? Who else wants this quality-of-life feature?


  • abmorazabmoraz Posts: 572 Critical Contributor

    Sidlon said:

    Like most people (I suspect), I save my tacos until there’s a vault with a needed 4*.

    Nope. Most don't hoard like that (at least not Taco Tokens).

    However, that doesn't negate your request. An "Open all" or "Open X" for all the stores would be great. Ideally, it'd be awesome if they allowed us to convert 10 singles into a 10-pack or 40 singles (or 4x 10-packs) into a 40-pack just for opening purposes (no bonus CP or increased draw odds).

  • SidlonSidlon Posts: 134 Tile Toppler

    I know plenty open batches of tokens when they want health packs.

    Is it safe to say that the 10x and 40x serve no valid purpose for someone with a taco hoard?

    I’d also love for a long-press on any token-pulling button to simply open 10 tokens, or maybe prompt you for whether it should open 10/40/100.

  • RhipfRhipf Posts: 136 Tile Toppler
    Doing this for the Taco vaults makes sense since there is no advantage added to the 10x or 40x tokens. In other vaults it may be a problem since the 10x and 40x tokens often have bonuses attached to them (e.g. better draw rates or extra tokens).
  • SidlonSidlon Posts: 134 Tile Toppler
    Vaults (where you're pulling from a displayed pool of N covers) don't have any bonuses that I can see.  If someone saved up 20 Hearts of Darkness tokens during an event, they might appreciate having the 10x purchase button turned into an 'open 10' button.
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