The Royal Scions "Royal Inheritance" doesn't work

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This was mentioned in this thread in general discussion from last month, but as far as I can tell was never actually posted to the bugs forum and it would be awfully nice if this could get fixed.

Anyways, the bug is pretty straightforward and easy to replicate: the support "Royal Inheritance" created by the Royal Scions' 3rd ability does not ever actually do anything when you cast a blue, red, or blue/red spell.


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    Shocker, a cash exclusive doesn't work properly.  Never seen that before *extreme sarcasm*
    Remind me why people still buy things here?
  • Oktagon_SupportOktagon_Support ADMINISTRATORS Posts: 1,480 Chairperson of the Boards
    Hello @Stormcrow

    Thank you for the feedback.
    We're trying to reproduce this issue withour success.
    Could you confirm if when trying to trigger the support ability, you have Blue and/or Red in your hand?
    Could you make a video of the issue?
    Waiting for your response.
  • StormcrowStormcrow Posts: 395 Mover and Shaker
    edited February 2020
    Here's a quick video from Training Grounds; I have Royal Inheritance in play, and I cast Lightning Stormkin with 5 other cards in my hand, all of which are either red, blue, or both red and blue. As written, that should mean Royal Inheritance should drain 3 mana from my opponent's hand and deal 4 damage to him. Instead, it does...absolutely nothing.

    Here's a screenshot of the battle log from that turn, in which you can see me use Royal Inheritance at the start of the turn, cast Lightning Stormkin, and...nothing.

    In further playing around with them, I have gotten Royal Inheritance to trigger...very inconsistently. Sometimes it doesn't drain mana when it should drain mana (but does deal damage), most of the time it doesn't trigger at all, and occasionally it actually works like it's supposed to. I haven't been able to figure out any kind of pattern to when or why it sometimes works, sometimes partly works, and sometimes doesn't work at all.
  • Oktagon_SupportOktagon_Support ADMINISTRATORS Posts: 1,480 Chairperson of the Boards
    Thank you so much for the details @Stormcrow !
    I will have my team working on test to make this card consistent as it should be.
    Thank you for your patience too.
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