Worthy Challenger's Hoard Dump

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FYI, I decided to unleash my hoard for BRB.  I'm a 4* player, with no champed 5*'s, but I'm looking to begin migrating into 5* land.  I like BRB, so thought this would be a good time to spend some points to get him, and the Worthy Challenger's vault seemed like a good place to start, seeing how I would also get some Thor/Hela.  I originally had 1 cover of Thor, but no Hela.

Spending ~5300 CP I received 39 5*s while only expecting 29, so not bad there:
10 BRB -> 1/2/5
14 Thor -> 5/5/3
15 Hela -> 5/5/2 

And now I have all 4*s except Talos.

Some bad luck on the Hela in that I had 3 extra covers for Green/black, but only got 2 reds.  

I also had Thor as my bonus hero, and netted enough shards for an extra cover.

My 4*' champ rewards netted me
1. 2 LT
2. 750 HP
3. 40k Iso
4. 3135 4* shards
5. 3 4* camps
6. 3 new 5*s - Cable, CM, Rescue
7. 3 new 4*s

Maybe you can help me with some questions
1)  What to do with the extra 5* covers?  I'm told we can't trade them in anymore.  They don't seem to help me at all with Thor, but I could trade 3 covers to get the final red Hela.  
2) What to do with LTs?  I have 252 and am thinking I will go for BRB when he is added to latests.  I would go for BRB and stop when he is maxed covered, which should net me 5 covers of Carnage and Ice Man/???.  Do Carnage or Ice Man have any synergy with BRB, Thor, or Hela?
3) Which 4*/5* bonus heros should I target?  I was going with Shuri/Okoye - but I don't have any Okoye.  If I only open ~125 covers (hit 5 BRB) I won't get enough shards for a 5* cover, so wouldn't make sense to bonus BRB.
4) Do I champion Thor?  I think that would kill me in PVP.
5) Which 4*s are worth leveling, even though I don't have max covers?  Cap Worthy, Wolfsbane, Bishop, Jubilee, Nico, Rogue Chavez?  I seem to suddenly have an ISO problem....

Thanks in advance for the advice


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    1) I, personally, have gone for the 3:1 trade when I've had 5* with distributions that skewed. Did it for both Kitty and Cable, and I'm probably going to do it for Hela if I pull another green anytime soon. I'd rather have a character I can use right now than a couple of extra champ levels at some unspecified future point. You need to weigh those for yourself and figure out which you prefer.
    2) I believe Iceman is rotating out here and it's going to be Profe$$or X, Carnage, Bill, whoever's next. Not 100% sure on that, and I'd prefer it if it turns out it is Chuck who's rotating out here. Iceman has full colour overlap with Bill, and kind of fits in a similar role, so he's probably not one to chase here. I can see him working well with Gladiathor, tho, since I think he should tank green and yellow at equal levels, and their greens are good in different situations. I don't see any particular synergy with Chuck or Hela, but they do make for good colour spreads with Bill. I can't see any particular synergy with Carnage, and he has full colour overlap with Hela, who I think is better.
    4) Don't champ anyone yet. I'm pretty sure you're right, and Thor as your sole 5* champ would pretty much wreck PvP for you. If it's not Okoye or Kitty, you probably don't want to go to single 5* MMR.
    5) Chavez is probably the most worth leveling while partially covered, especially if you're heavy in green. Nico is also potentially good, especially if you've got a bunch of purple. HammerCap, Bishop, and Rogue all rely on tanking, which they're not going to do well when partially leveled. Wolfsbane and Jubilee are both fun, but not great. Jubilee is also in a weird place since her Passive relies on having less health than the target, but the more you level her to up the damage from it, the harder it is to get it to trigger.
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    First off, congrats on Thor! I would do what I did. You have him at the optimal build. Save the extra covers and don’t champ. Level him to where your highest 4s are and you can absolutely use him to fuel your red/green/yellow 4* characters!

    I don’t think Bill/Thor would be the worst 5* combo. We have seen people transition with worse. Bill provides the defense and Thor fuels the offense. Both have nice nukes. Color overlap is nice due to Bill tanking. Hela would cover red if you ever get there as well. 

    If you aren’t planning on champing Thor right away, then I’d save the Hela covers too. No need to convert right now and you never know what the future may hold. Could you finish her via shards or Magik feeder or HFH offer down the line?

    It sucks Carbage is so bad because Bill and Professor are both REALLY good. I would wait to see who the next 5* is announced to be and if they look just phenomenal, I would consider letting Carbage and Professor go since you likely won’t cover them anyway. Bill/X/Y you have a shot at.  I sat on a ton of cover maxed but unleveled 5*s and transitioned with an army. I don’t know your earn rate but you should be well over 300 pulls when it is BRB/X/Y. You could finish Hela with shards when you bust that hoard and possibly have 6 characters to transition with if lucky with pulls. 

    As for your 4*s, if you are really eyeing the 5* game I’d roster all your 4s and again, apply those saved covers. If you are planning to make the leap you will need. TON of iso.