About the massive loss of good manners



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    Criticisms on a web based forum are not akin to punches in the face, and the timeframe of "the following day" is not akin to "the next 10 years". I appreciate the thing you were going for, but if you're attempting to show that someone was / is going to far, hyperbole is not your friend, since grossly exaggerating the comparison makes your attempt to quell the flames just seem invalid.
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    Dogface said:
    That is the point. You talk about equating those transgressions, whereas it is never made clear that that is what person Z is doing. 

    How I see it, person X makes a horrible statement, person Y justifiably counters that, but in a inappropriate manner.
    Person Z says nothing about the horribleness of person X, but rather (as I see it) points out that a severe reaction to a horrible statement isn't going to help the cause. 
    I see it that in a debate, the person that first turns it into a shouting match loses. In this case, person Z is if anything more on person Y's side, cautioning him/her to make their point in a calm, constructive manner, thus making a stronger counterargument against person X.
    That's kind of the thing though. In the given example, if X says something heinous and Y is rude to X over the statement, and Z believes in Civil Discourse, then Z's civil responsibility is to politely dress down X over the heinous comment. By instead saying "hey Y, you need to be Civil", the message that is sent is that "you being uncivil towards X is worse to me than X's inflammatory comments. You can tell this is the case because that is the problem I chose to address."
    Yes, thank you for stating my argument in a much clearer way!

    I would even argue that this message is sent when Z says "Hey X and Y, you both need to be Civil!"
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    Justins comment on Discord. 

    Threats of clawbacks  

    1*-ratings in AppStore and google play. 

    I saw this and wanted to comment on these. 

    Justin’s comment:
    i was on Discord when he said this comment and it blew up.  The issue is what he does for Demi, he has no idea of what we were talking about since that is not his job, but that comment really got the community together like I have never seen before. He came back with us “hat in hand” and said he was wrong and apologized.  He asked a lot of questions to truly understand what happened.  While the comment was wrong, I give him credit for facing the mob and asking the right questions. 

    Yea...if people want to do this, good luck.  I can see some major issues with this due to the fact they even said they were looking into it. Not touching this one with a ten foot pole 

    This was a great idea from @Colognoisseur to do this.  Was it an “extreme” move?  Yes.  Was it necessary and did it grab their attention?  OH HECK YES!!  We as players have very little power at times.  We pull out our trump card and played it was the desired result.  
    While on Discord and I posted the updated rating, you could clearly tell that this had a big effect on them. 

    At the end of the day, the community won. The buy clubs stopped, the community was active in the forums/discord/reddit/facebook/ Line/ etc.  We spoke at them arm in arm
    to tell them why this was wrong and what the issues were.  
    Did some people go to far?  Of course. Were some very rude?  Heck yes. Should some be ashamed of what they did?  Very much so. 
    Should the community be proud that we were able to take action and make them understand the power we have?  Heck yes!!!  

    I know I am very happy and proud to have helped with all of the others to truly dig into the details of what this first update meant and how it hurt us and truly was unfair.  
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