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G3 (Gideon of the trials) ability 2 (Forged by might) is not boosting your creatures

TremayneTremayne Posts: 898 Critical Contributor
In node 2 (Nahiri) of DoM - SaM I noticed that G3’s 2nd ability did not work. I lost loyalty and the targeted creature was exiled, but the other creatures did not receive the expected increase in stats.

As far as I know there were no supports out that could explain this behaviour.

playing iOS fully updated, both iOS and app.


  • MachineMachine Posts: 525 Critical Contributor
    This is a bug. G3's first ability was broken some time ago, while his second ability worked at that time. They fixed his first ability, but then broke his second. I can confirm this as I wanted to check they really fixed his first. During the same match, I noticed his second didn't work anymore. Please relay @Tombstone

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