Razia vs Razia loop when a 2nd creature deals damage.

HoradrimHoradrim Posts: 104 Tile Toppler
I had 1st creature Razia 2nd Isareth. My PW has 120's HP and has dealt 14/15 damage so far for the objective. AI has 100's HP. AI's turn: he cast Razia. AI Razia attacked my Razia cancelling both their prevent damage. My turn: I attacked AI Razia thus killing both Razias (since both of them didn't have prevent damage anymore). Then my Isareth attacked dealing damage to AI PW. What happened next was a loop of both Razias alternating to deal 9 damage to respective opponent PW until AI PW died (since my PW had more HP than AI PW when the loop started). I should have dealt more than 15 damage in a single turn (to satisfy objective) because my Razia essentially dealt more than 100 damage to defeat AI PW but the game did not count the Razia loop damage. I can understand if the Razia-Razia loop may be working as intended, but how the game computed total damage dealt due to the loop is IMHO inaccurate. Please fix for future iterations.


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