Cannot deselect a targeted character if there are enough shard saved for a cover.

I have two 3* Doc. Strange rostered. On is max champed the other is sitting at 5/4/4 and 60 saved covers. I have 1146/300 shards saved and want to deselect Doc. Strange as a targeted character but I am unable to do so. I like to save covers until I can max champ duplicates before I champ duplicates so it would be nice to set a new targeted character without needing to champ my dupe Doc. Strange.

I can select another 3* targeted character but then the shards would be split between the two targets (I like to target a single character at a time). 


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    Sorry if I'm misunderstanding the issue, but why are you unable to deselect Dr. Strange as your targeted character?

    As I understand, any shards you earned on a character will stay with that character if you deselect them as a targeted character. So you should be able to deselect Dr. Strange as your targeted 3* character and select a new 3* character as your favorite. After doing so, any future shards you receive for 3* characters will go to your new targeted 3* character. 
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    Once the character has enough shards to get a cover the icon for that character changes to an upgrade/redeem icon. If you click on this icon (as you normally would to select/deselect a targeted character) nothing happens. If you do this and then select to show just the targeted characters that character is still showing as a targeted character. If you do the same thing for a character that doesn't yet have enough shards for a free cover you can select and deselect at will. This only seems to affect targeted characters that have enough shards for a free cover since the icon changes from the normal targeted icon to the upgrade/redeem icon and that icon won't let you deselect a targeted character.

    Hopefully that clears things up and I didn't just make things more confusing. 8^)

    Edit: I just tried adding a second 3* targeted character. If I do this the shards are split between this second targeted character and my 3* Doc. Strange since I am unable to deselect him as a targeted character (as I had expected would be the case). So if I want to only target a single 3* (other than Doc. Strange) I cannot at this point since 3* Doc Strange cannot be deselected.
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    The workaround is go to that character page and deselect from the top right heart icon.
  • RhipfRhipf Posts: 145 Tile Toppler

    I didn't even think of trying that (didn't really even notice that icon).
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