New Chandra crash during 1st ability [Investigating]

SolRingSolRing Posts: 21 Just Dropped In
Lockup then game closes out when 1st ability support is buffing your cards in hand.

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  • Oktagon_SupportOktagon_Support ADMINISTRATORS Posts: 990 Critical Contributor
    Hello @SolRing

    Thank you for the feedback.
    Could you specify a bit more? Which Chandra are you talking about?
    Waiting for your response.
  • ZzyzzxZzyzzx Posts: 204 Tile Toppler
    It's not just Chandra III.
    I had this same behaviour twice today with Jace III.
    I will try and recreate it and if I can I will report back but, please understand that it is very difficult to describe exactly what goes on because the hard lock kicks me out to battle log, no interaction at all like we can with a soft-lock.

  • ZzyzzxZzyzzx Posts: 204 Tile Toppler
    Okay that didn't take long.
    With Jace, Cunning Castaway it has something to do with his 2nd ability support token being on the board (All my illusions have hexproof).
    Then when I cast Leyline of Anticipation (my 1st card gains Flash) this is where the crash occurs.
    Here are the cards in my build:

    Lotus Field
    Dimir Guildgate
    Leyline of Anticipation
    Mu Yanling Vanguard
    Gateway Plaza
    Pride of the Clouds
    Unexplained Disappearance
    Arrester's Admonition

    The goal of this build is to hold a strong defense with mono-blue in the Ravnica Standard against a legacy event riddled with cheese...and it worked very well...well, that is, before it started to crash from the Leyline.  

    The opposing Planeswalker doesn't seem to play into this, at least from what I can tell.  Most of them in Across Ixalan are Sarkhan III but I know this occurred while facing Bolas 1 at least once and again with Chandra III facing Teferi.

    Whether I'm playing Chandra III or Jace III, the support is created and then it locks during the animation where it affects something.
    For Chandra III the animation occurs when the "sparks" touch all he cards in my hand to give them the "can't have their mana drained or raised" mechanic.  
    With Jace III it's sort of the same, when the Leyline of Anticipation hits the board and does the "sparks" animation to my 1st card, hard crash to Launcher.

    This isn't the 1st time I've played either of these builds (well minor variations of them anyway).  I only started noticing this in Across Ixalan but heard rumors of the Chandra III problem occurring during the Ravnica At War team event over the weekend.

    I sure hope all this information is helpful because I love to rock my Sexy Jace builds.
  • MachineMachine Posts: 559 Critical Contributor
    @Zzyzzx: can you please try using your same deck, but without Leyline of Anticipation? I think that card is causing the lock as one of my team members also reported a lock when using this card.
  • ZzyzzxZzyzzx Posts: 204 Tile Toppler
    'Mornin @Machine: I hadn't seen this before running this same build in Rising Tensions.  I had no issue with the Leyline of Anticipation in 3 battles.
    This is just a gut feeling, at best, but my particular situation could have been something external that was interfering.  Possibly one of the special effects on each of the nodes in Across Ixalan.  There was a lot of gem destruction and quite a bit of Exploring also going on.  I haven't bumped into any Explore-abuse builds in RT, yet.  I did encounter an STV+Treasures build and had no freezes, poor Tammy couldn't keep a critter in play long enough to be a threat.  The rest of the builds I've encountered were mostly just lame Brokahn shenanigans.

    Chandra III's issue, on the other hand, I can consistently recreate.  All I need to do is have Angrath's Vanguard and a Gate in play before popping her 1st.  It's a hard crash every time.

    To make matters worse, sometimes her 1st does NOT cause a crash when I have 0 supports in play.  But it's still a ****-shoot.  I can't say that it has anything to do with my particular blend of Gates and Vanguards in the build.  I also have the Samut Vanguard in the build but haven't even had the chance to cast it.  It's a real shame because this is quite an efficient Amass build.
  • SolRingSolRing Posts: 21 Just Dropped In
    Sorry I was a bit tilted having bought the m20 Chandra and spent my last runes leveling only to have game crash using her.

    M20 Chandra, locks during the animations of her first abilities support which "buffs" your cards in hand to be immune to mana drain or raise effects.

    Training grounds. No cards I dont otherwise use normally on other walkers.

    And the game locks and crashes so no log or screenshot.
  • thesmallesthumanthesmallesthuman Posts: 99 Match Maker
    Here to confirm somethin fishy is going on with her first ability.

    Been playing around a bunch with different Chandra 3 decks the past week and never had a crash. Tonight I decided to try some weird land stuff in Training Grounds and added some cards I hadn’t tried with her before. Instant force close hard crash as soon as I activated her first. First time I’ve ever experienced that in this game!

    No battle log, but pretty sure I had Chandra’s Regulator and Gruul Guildgate in play, and Thrash and Angrath’s Rampage in hand with full mana. Her first ability’s token support hit the board, and froze as it sent streamers to the two spells in hand. iPhone XR for whatever that’s worth. 

  • SolRingSolRing Posts: 21 Just Dropped In
    I can repeat the error with thrash/threat in hand.

    She doesnt play well with split cards maybe.
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