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Wrenn and Six: Official Thread

BrigbyBrigby ADMINISTRATORS Posts: 7,727 Site Admin

manaredpng managreenpng Wrenn and Six manaredpng managreenpng

(At Level 60)
+0 manawhitepng | -2 manabluepng | +0 manablackpng | +5 manaredpng | +5 managreenpng 
115 HP
Creatures: 5 | Supports: 9 | Spells: 5

"Little is known about this enigmatic pair. Wrenn is the dryad and Six is the treefolk, with whom she has formed a symbiotic relationship. Wrenn has formed that relationship with five previous treefolk, which we know due to her naming convention of strictly numbering them."


Groundskeeper - Cost 3
Level 1 - Return the first Land card from your graveyard to your hand.
Level 2 - Return the first Land card from your graveyard to your hand. It gains half of its mana.
Level 3 - Move the first Land card from your exile to your graveyard. Return the first...
Level 4 - Move the first 4 Land cards from your exile to your graveyard. Return the first Land card...

Seismic Impact - Cost 6
Level 1 - Deal 2 damage to any target.
Level 2 - Deal 3 damage to any target. If there are 9 or more Lands in your graveyard, deal 5 damage instead.
Level 3 - Deal 3 damage to any target. If there are 9 or more Lands in your graveyard, deal 7 damage instead.
Level 4 - Deal 3 damage to any target. If there are 9 or more Lands in your graveyard, deal 9 damage instead.

Cycle of Lands - Cost 21
Level 1 - Create a Cycle of Lands token.
Level 2 - ...token. Return the first 3 Lands from your graveyard to your hand. Those cards gain full mana.
Level 3 - ...token. Return the first 4 Lands from your graveyard to your hand. Those cards gain full mana.
Level 4 - ...token. Return the first 5 Lands from your graveyard to your hand. Those cards gain full mana.


Cycle of Lands
[Red, Green] Support Card (Indestructible) Token: Can't be Destroyed or Exiled. Whenever you exile a Land from your hand, if it has 6 or more mana, move it to the graveyard. Then, return the first spell from your graveyard to your hand. It gains half of its mana.


  • HomeRnHomeRn Posts: 288 Mover and Shaker
    Wrenn and Six is a challenging PW to build, especially for standard format, due to the fact that land cards are critical for Wrenn... however with the Primeval Titan hitting the store recently, things have changed considerably.  Combine that with Field of the Dead and Killer Instinct - and well... lets just say the graveyard isn't going to be your focus.

    Creatures (2):

    Primeval Titan (M)
    Golos, Tireless Pilgrim (M)

    Supports (6):

    Killer Instinct (MP)
    Gateway Plaza (U)
    Gemstone Caverns (MP)
    Rupture Spire (U)
    Field of the Dead (R)
    Lotus Field (M)

    Spells (2):

    Nissa's Revelation (M)
    Deathsprout (U)

    Once again, not a cheap deck, 2 masterpieces - and one of them is critical.  Add the high number of mythic rares and yeah.  Hope you have plenty of orbs handy!

    Strategy focuses around loading up on lands for Field of the Dead to generate zombie tokens for Killer Instinct "fuel" (avert your eyes Liliana!).  Then let the creatures from Killer Instinct load up the grid with lands, that generate even more zombie tokens, and repeat.  Opponent destroying your lands?  No problem; just bring them back to your hand and play 'em again!

    Primeval Titan is a new card that just landed, and boy is he a doozy in land focused decks.  When he shows up, you get a land for free... and when he successfully attacks too!  That starts to add up in a hurry once specific lands hit the grid - especially Gateway Plaza.  Golos is always a massive threat, while he does exile cards instead of putting them in the graveyard like Wrenn would prefer, creatures and supports (ie. lands) get summoned immediately from the exile pile!

    The two supports that are paramount to the deck are Killer Instinct and Field of the Dead.  Killer Instinct fetches the creatures and the pressure while Field of the Dead keeps the pressure on.  Then, use whatever lands you have access to to round out the rotation.  Rupture Spire is always a great choice for the potential cascade bonuses, while Gateway Plaza will really get the gem conversion going after a few reinforcements.  Gemstone Caverns can be substituted out for another land, but the extra loyalty early can be helpful to getting that 3rd ability to fire off sooner.  Lotus Field is an excellent choice due to how it interacts with the Titan and Golos... if fetched... you don't destroy any of your lands (since this is technically summoning a/o fetching and not casting!!).

    This doesn't really leave much room for spells, but because you can replay spells later on after Wrenn's 3rd ability is used, this can be a good thing.  Deathsprout is a no-brainer to include: destroy a creature and then play a land for free.  Who can say no to that with Wrenn's focus on lands?!  Nissa's Revelation can be a big help if your either running out of cards to play or need a little life gain every now and then.
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