Should I burn my Horde on the Fan Favorites pack?

IIAlonditeIIIIAlonditeII Posts: 135 Tile Toppler

My Roster, for reference.

Here is the question. I am willing to spend a little bit on HP for slots, and I earn about 1200 HP a week on average, so I could roster a few extra pulls.

The main draw is not the 5 Stars, for me - but having Kitty Pride as one of the options is somewhat alluring, for sure. The main draw is that the 4 Star pulls are weighted towards some of the higher-end 4 Star options, a lot of which I have rostered but incomplete. This means that I could potentially take a lower risk of hitting walls in breaking my horde while making rapid progress. The issue is, if I pull a bunch that are not already rostered, I run into the problem anyway - needing to stop so I can build up HP to roster them all, and going back down to my "pull until I need to roster 1" pattern.

For reference,

1,555 HP
1,484 CP
Willing to spend 20 on HP (going to wait thru entire anniversary though, to snipe any sales that may take place).


  • swongchswongch Posts: 12 Just Dropped In
    Hey guys,

    Advice needed!

    For the fan favorite token pull, I now have 8300 command points (approx. 332 pulls) and my OML is 2/2/1, Dr Strange is 2/0/1 and Kitty Pryde is 0/0/1.

    Does anyone think I should spend my CP on the fan favorite token? or Should I save more?

    My target is to complete OML at least and he is also the bonus hero. Do you think 332 pulls are statistically enough for finishing building OML and have significant progress in building Dr Strange?
  • 111MCH111111MCH111 Posts: 80 Match Maker
    In my opinion this is the best vault I have seen in the game. I spend approx 500 cp and got a good set 4*, most of them were great. I received four 5* and all were Kitty ;-). Lucky!
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